New Year’s Resolutions

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By Edwin Dearborn

I feel like I am stepping into Life’s field of landmines when I give advice about how to formulate and follow through on a New Year’s resolution. Treading ever so lightly, I know all too well that many before me have fallen short in this endeavor.

“Hell is full of good wishes and desires.” – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

So with that charming quote in mind, I resolve to not give you any advice. But, I do want to share with your 7 observations that may lend some insight into this annual tradition of making new decisions.

  1. You will probably have to reaffirm your resolution/decision quite a few times. I have observed that while one can make a singular powerful decision that resolves any problem to hand, you may have to reassert that decision a few more times as the year rolls forward.
  2. Your decision will not activate until you rise from the status of “Need To” up to “I Demand It Now!” Necessity is a powerful influence in our lives.
  3. Versus having a resolution, develop your own Personal Manifesto and then list the actions you are going to take. Here is my Spiritual Manifesto for 2013.
  4. As you are a spiritual entity, when you become more powerful so do your decisions. You need to improve yourself, your mind, your abilities, competence, health and whatever else you need to work on. But the mind is what resolves problems; so strengthen your mind. My best advice: Buy and read Self-Analysis.
  5. You must surround yourself with positive minded individuals and generate more space between you and those who are negative. Many of your dreams have perished simply because a very few “Debbie Downers” have made it their life’s purpose to destroy yours.
  6. Take walks. Notice your surroundings. Look at people. You need to stop staring at the TV and simply walk around and notice the real world. Get involved in the real world. Volunteer.
  7. Falling down is fine, in fact, it is expected. Just get back up. If you were to study the trials and tribulations of anyone throughout history, that has ever achieved anything remarkable, it would make your hair stand on end as to what they went through to make it happen. Look across any time period of history and there have been individuals who achieved great feats simply because they got back up and kept moving forward. Winners get back up and persist; non-achievers sit down endlessly.

I wish you and all your loved ones endless happiness, health and prosperity for 2013. May your dreams become an action plan that you implement and then push forward until is a living reality.

Edwin Dearborn @edwindearborn


Edwin Dearborn

About Edwin Dearborn

Edwin Dearborn is the VP of World Class Media and lives with wife and his two children in Orange County, CA. Edwin has lectured to thousands of Dr.'s, accountants and small business owners over the last 24 years, teaching them how to build viable businesses during challenging times.