New book paints a vivid depiction of the victimization of gossiping

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A person can be the nicest person in the office, the most fun-loving student in school, or even one of the most anointed blessings in the church. However, according to author Tyrone Short, “even that person will eventually have to deal with someone who is trying to make him or herself feel better by tearing someone else down.”

In his newest book entitled Good Lord… Do You Have Anything Better to Do Than to Gossip About Me: A Personal Insight and Reflection on the Gossipers That We Encounter in Our Lives, Short shares his outlook on some of his recent bouts of becoming a target of gossipers and how to look at the positive side of these encounters. According to Short, all victims of bullying know how much it hurts to have gossiping used a weapon against them.

In his book, Short continues in his ‘thinking out loud’ commentaries, concerning the subject of gossiping. The book is especially geared to those who can relate to becoming a victim of gossip and slander.

In his own words, “Gossiping is a form of bullying, and once you know how to recognize the true value and self-worth of these persons in your life, then you will be able to see the positive side of these trials and feel more optimistic and empowered to walk through them emotionally unscratched.”

Tyrone Short

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