My venture back to romulus

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By Jason

As great as detriot was i had to leav that was a long walk took me most of the night and the next day i stopped along the jeffires freeway took a nap woke up disuverd that i had walked a couple miles out of the way i tend to do that make stuff harder on my self than it has to be Well im back were i grew up its relly the only home ive ever had i ve moved alot this is the only city i have ever lived in for more than a year i think i have stayed the night or a couple weeks in about fifty now But theres no place like romulus see when you grow up some were and you get used to it theres now place like it thats home at least you dont relly need a dwelling maybe a couple of friends there kinda hard to find when you

“Lost Detroit” Poster designs by TPE Art Director – Jeffery A. Taylor

stink like i do though. thats fine to though see when you got a memoire like mine you dont relly forget anything so when you cant find the friends you lost evetully they pop back up in this crazy head of mine then you can even talk to them you have to watch it though sometimes evil things pop up all u relly have to do though is block them out and let the good ones back in the worlds a crazy place ill tell you what. we need to work togther as a hole more often take advantage of what we were given in the begging and stop wasting all the gifts that god has given us use them to better or world see or tenchnoligy is reching a curchile point when soo well if things keep going the way they are pepole like me wont be given the opurtunity to advaces with the rest of socity see its my beleaf that or technolgie could advaces a 1000 times or so over night if we would just cut the spending on arming the world with guns and wepons that detsroe everything relly i think we should end all this useless fighting and arguing its getting old im 29 now i still havent seen america without war even here on or own streets we fight them why not a real war on poverty hate dicrmantion or even a war to get a coline to space or one at the depest depths of the ocen see in all the fighting and bickering we as humans have forgootten what is important the next generation not yours or mine the babies tat will be born today and tomrrow yesterday and next week see are possible futre can be as dark or as colorfull as we make it so in the end why not start a war for peac instead of blood see we are the number one arms delear around the world start the dismanilmet of the wepons and maybe the rest of the world will cume to gripps with the fact that when we all work togther the world can and will be a grater place to live we just need to take a new direction and find a new purpose for or technolgical advacesment itss not so hard kinda like when grovtra tor down that wall see maybe we all need to unit agin come back to to the thinkig of peac and love life and liberty not death and hatred lifes to short to fight and arugue your way though it hell i say set back smoke athother joint and think of something nice to say the worlds relly not that bad if you puch it in the right deretion hell look at the city of Detriot 10 years ago it may still be a bit of a mess but its a 1000 times better it just goes to prove what we could do as a untied world instead of a broken corrprate dictated one lets make it an all around untied front were all pepole are equal in every coutrie state cottenet every were not just here and there well thanks agin hope ypur surgure works out alright for you trish thanks agin

Jason Fehrenbach

About Jason Fehrenbach

Jason, 29, homeless and Lost Detroit homeless writer