Me agin

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By Jason Fehrenbach

if i am in any trouble if you could help me arrange away to write from jail im i had blacked out that night would relly like to talk to you and richard in person you guys are relly the only two pepole i have relly talked out side my little box in along time and now it seems your the only two left if you guys could ill be right next to the on ramp to 94 west i wasent trying to get an any trouble still a little dulited with what happend that night was told to end up down there at hart plaza if you want i can proubly give you a relly

good book about my life if they dont come back or want to talk to me five mintiues left here thanks agin trish i dont know what all happend two many pepole asking to many quistions ill take the blam though would like to tell you my side of story if i was a thert to any one the cops should have notified me i dont know sorry ill be there all night in romulus 94w wayne road thanks agin sorry for being so mean that night

Jason Fehrenbach

About Jason Fehrenbach

Jason, 29, homeless and Lost Detroit homeless writer