McDonald’s introduces new food item

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Courtesy of Huffington Post:

(editors note)  This is something I certainly would love to try. I always wished a fast food restaurant would do this.

McDonald’s newest fried morsels, the McBites, have already conquered the land: even though they were introduced just months ago, they’ve already proven one of the bestselling items on the menu at the biggest restaurant chain in the world. And now McDonald’s aims to invade the sea as well by releasing a fish-based version of the McBites.

The new Fish McBites were first spotted by a GrubGrade reader at a McDonald’s in Fort Worth, Tex. A commenter then noted that the Fish McBites already has its own page on the McDonald’s website.

The chicken of the sea may be tuna, but according to the official website, the Chicken McBites of the sea are made of “real Alaskan pollock.” They’re also served with tartar dipping sauce.

FoodBeast speculated that the Fish McBites may have been released in February to try and capitalize on the demand for fish among devout observers of Lent.

UPDATE: McDonald’s spokesperson Danya Proud wrote to HuffPost Food to explain the current status of Fish McBites. “These are in test in a couple of markets, however the test is in infancy. We will continue to evaluate customer feedback and restaurant operations,” she said. “It is too early to comment or speculate on the future role this menu item may place on our menu.”

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