Logic of loving self-FIRST!

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Love. The four letter word that every human seeks, we sometime go from one extreme to the next in search of love. We request it, demand it, offer it, and receive it. We have no problem loving others or things for that matter, but what about loving ourselves? Self-love the kind of love that’s not primarily taught, not from the home front or the religious community per se.  We are taught (told) that we are to love everyone, doesn’t matter who they are. Doesn’t matter the ethnic background, social class etc. we are to give love and compassion to others. But how can you give something that you don’t give yourself? We again are taught (told) what love should look like, feel like, smell like, etc. This in my opinion takes the power of authenticity away. Everything doesn’t look the same to everybody so why should love? Love is as unique as the fingerprints that grace the hands of humankind. So what does it really mean to love self-first? Well, let’s think about it…what feeds your soul? I say soul to imply that it’s deeper that being “happy”. Is it walking barefoot in the grass? Having a color therapy session and your body is the canvas? Is it singing REALLY loud and not paying attention if you’re on key or not? Is it sitting on the back porch on a warm summer night wrapped in your favorite shawl and nothing else? The point is to do what makes YOU feel refreshed and alive!!! And when you do live your life in this manner (loving yourself first) you are honoring your organic nature, your authenticity. Now understand loving self-first is not about selfishness don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.  Loving yourself first says, I honor, respect, and care for the being that I am. And to show that I WILL make a conscious decision to listen to self, be good to myself, treat myself like I’m “expected” to treat others… And what that does is being to cultivate inner strength, balance, peace, focus, discipline and respect. So now you can love others with a more in-depth knowing of love because it’s personal.

Nada Crystal

About Nada Crystal

Nada Crystal has been on a spiritual journey that has permanently changed her perception re: the awareness, understanding and respect of Self and the Reality. Nada has been called by some, a spiritual midwife, intuitive adviser, and a healer using the art of words. Her understanding of the woman’s influence, strength and abilities as the co-creators of all nations has also been deeply clarified and embraced through her personal trials and struggles on the path of embracing her authentic Self. Nada strives to teach women about gaining personal strength through self -empowerment. She is currently completing her first book and also the Founder/Guide of The Temple of She healing arts practice.