Introducing the TMW (Toni Melvin Whitaker) Modeling Agency – Troupe, International

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This year kicked off with a bang for most movers & Shakers and the TMW Agency-Troupe, International Were not left behind at all! Ms. Toni Melvin Whitaker, Founder& President  and Ms. Ashika Payne, Co-Founder-Director of the TMW Modeling Agency-Troupe, International made their debut in eastern North Carolina  to a packed house. The event was the annual “Wazazi Watu Celebration” and this year’s theme: “Honoring our Elders and Ancestors through Mission” work. Whereas the culture and color schemes & patterns of the captivated audience was African centered, the TMW models provided that and much more.

Ms. Whitaker is no stranger to the modeling industry at all.  At age 64, she is an amazing human being, a talented professional and a unique individual as a whole as a Breast Cancer Survivor too. Toni began modeling in the early 70’s; she formed a successful modeling school and coordinated shows for private clubs, malls and other venues. With well over 50 shows to her credit up until now (more is certainly on the way), the TMW Modeling Troupe is going to crave sleep!

This sliver haired, smooth talking extremely “sexy” seasoned woman seems to have stepped out of a true to life fairy tale and surprised the masses. Affectionately called “Ms. Toni” by her many friends, colleagues and loved ones; she also has produced benefit shows for luncheons, local and national designers and banquets.

Joining sultry Ms. Tonia at the TMW Modeling Troupe debut were seven other lovely, well trained (by Ms. Toni and Ms. Ashika) models of all shapes, sizes colors and nationalities! Ages too – the TMW Models range from age 11 to 64, another factor that make the agency and the models stand out from the rest and separate them from the ordinary.

Models, Jasmine, Helen, Caniya, Angela, Brittany, and Jade joined Ms. Toni and Ms. Ashika for a very successful and memorable event.  This event’s clothing was provided by Cape Fear’s own “Big Gals Boutique” and “Highlites Boutique” of Clinton, NC.  2012 promises to that the TMW Modeling Agency –Troupe, International on a local, east coast and eventually a nationwide tour. This will eventually lead to international engagement dates.

Interested in making a difference in the awesome world of modeling and high fashion?  Send 2 photographs, a head or face shot and a full body shot, and a short bio or words explaining “Why I want to be a TMW Model” to Email: or send her a FB Message with the same information. –DAC-


Deborah A. Culp ( Contributing Writer)

About Deborah A. Culp ( Contributing Writer)

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