Homlesslost for real

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By Jason

Well trish richard it was a great summer down there at hart plaza had alot of fun see i started this adveture at the beginng of the summer see i thought i could jiff myself into not drinking that kind worked but know i dont know whats going on i geuss when u go around thinking you dont need any buddies help well thats when u might whant to wake up and relize that pepole do care about you and some times there listing even when you dont think they are well if you and richard could come see me agin i would apechiate it becuse to tell you the truth i relly am lost now and well now all my friends and family are well i dont know i just want to go see my little buddies and get my friends and family back i tried going to my brthers agin his gone there was an eviction notice on the door and i dont rember what i was suppose to do but i have them two hundred dollar bills from somwere eles i was suppose to go on vaction with this girl she told me that if i dint have them she wasent going well i dont know what to do now i geuss i call you sorry for putting lost someone had put a bunch of wierdo stuff on that other page well have a good day thanks jason

Jason Fehrenbach

About Jason Fehrenbach

Jason, 29, homeless and Lost Detroit homeless writer TPEPost.com