Healing Properties of the Sea

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Every spring I take my long awaited trip to the sea. This powerful source of nature yields some of the most essential healing tools and additional benefits that are hard to compare with anything else. We already know the necessary and soothing abilities water offers.The mysterious and amazing healing power of water has been utilized for centuries. Water cleanses, refreshes and restores all life. We are always drawn to water. Be it a soothing fountain, majestic waterfall or the churning sea. Water is a carrier. It flows. It moves along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean where comes and goes in the ebb and flow of tides and waves. The appeal is inexplicable! We crave water, maybe because our bodies are made up of a large percent of it. Maybe because we instinctively know how it can heal us.

Some wonderful treatments that have already been found in the sea are derived from such sources as sponges, corals, snails, and algae. The chemicals found in these living things are currently being used to treat pain, infection, and inflammation. Of particular significance is the use of blue-green algae, commonly found in mangrove environments of the Caribbean. This algae is currently used as a treatment of small-cell lung cancer and is endorsed by the National Cancer Institute for the treatment of tumors and melanoma. In this vast underwater world also exists a marine sponge, called discoderma, that has recently been tested to help people with heart, kidney, and liver transplants.Marine pharmaceutical research is only in the beginning stages, but so far it looks hopeful. Currently the focus is on finding possible treatments for AIDS, prostrate, lung and breast cancer and researchers are optimistic that compounds found in the sea may provide some answers Corals are in a pharmaceutical category of their own. Containing what are known as secosteroids, corals use these enzymes as a chemical defense mechanism against disease.

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