Handmade Gifts of Love

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Love. It is a four-letter word that can be expressed in hundreds of languages and in millions of ways, but Joseph Muzzin, 29, decided to show the state of Michigan his own way of expressing his love. Joseph has a learning disability, but that didn’t stop him from creating “Handmade Gifts of Love,” a non-profit organization that creates gifts for children dealing with cancer or other diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Handmade Gifts of Love was created upon the thought that no child should go without gifts made from the heart. “All my life I was told I couldn’t do anything,” Joseph states, “but you have to be persistent to do anything in this day and age.” He then began by taking a little bit of money out of his paychecks from working at a local nursing home and purchasing supplies to make these gifts of joy. Joseph began by just creating bookmarks, but with the help of Karla Swarthout, Sarah Swarthout, Marie and Ricky Bugg, and support from his friends and family he has been able to make not only bookmarks, but frames, door hangers, ornaments and so much more. Joseph states, “We feel that aside from the kids seeing their families and friends they deserve some extra love from people around our community.”

Joe Muzzin with WXYZ Action News Anchor, Carolyn Clifford, who did a story on Muzzin last December, about his efforts to make gifts for kids in a local Detroit children's hospital.

Joseph has even been trying to expand his foundation to raise money for these kids battling through their illnesses. He also plans to take a trip out to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital once the foundation grows. When asked what his aspirations are with his organization he said he wanted to expose the world to this cause and make a documentary to record the stories from these children that Joseph has created his gifts for and inspire everyone that it takes one person to change the world, one smile at a time.

So, it’s safe to say that “Love” isn’t just a word. And even though we can still express the term in hundreds of languages and in millions of ways, Joseph Muzzin was able to create a new way to express his love for the children.

If you would like to help Joseph with is mission of putting a smile on a child’s face, you can donate supplies to this incredible organization. Any size donation is accepted. Also, if you help out with “Handmade Gifts of Love” you will receive letters letting you know how Joseph and his team are doing, and invitations to the events that help raise money for the cause. Plus, once a month receive your very own Handmade Gift of Love from the team to show their appreciation for your thoughts. For more information contact Handmade Gifts of Love at handmadegiftsoflove@yahoo.com.

I’m a giver and I will give until the day I die” – Joseph Muzzin

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