Find your direction

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Have you ever felt helpless? Have you ever felt like there was nothing you could do about your situation? I would argue that this sense of “helplessness” or “lack of direction” often stems from a lack of clearly defined goals.

I love the quote above, however, I am not a sailor. So, I’ll offer another metaphor–when was the last time you got in the car without a clear idea of where you wanted to go? Sure, going for a “simple joy ride in the country” with no destination in mind can be enjoyable, but even then you have a clearly defined goal/destination.

Finding direction seems like a simple concept but it often can be extremely difficult. The first thing you need to do when you’re facing a problem or starting out with a new project is to THINK about the end result, the goal, you’re working toward.

But, thinking is not enough. I encourage my clients to SEE it, too. Visualizing a successful outcome is powerful. For you that might mean a photo that reminds you of success, a mental picture of the successful outcome or visualizing how success will affect you.This clear picture will help not only to keep you motivated but also to give you direction when, not if, you come upon an obstacle, a traffic jam or detour.

Going back to my car metaphor for a minute. When you’re driving and you come upon traffic or a road closure, what do you do? I feel pretty safe saying you don’t pull over, turn off the engine and just wait for the road to re-open. And, that’s because you have a clearly defined “vision” of where you want to be. So, you simply find another route to get there. You might have to travel sideways for a while, or even back-track a bit and head not quite in the “forward direction” of your goal, but, in fact, you are moving toward you goal/destination.

Life is the same way, taking clear, consistent action toward your goal(s) will help you to achieve them. Sometimes you may move sideways, or even in the total opposite direction. But, as long as you are moving, and taking action(s) consistent with your goal, you are heading in the “right direction”. This is what I call Dwell. For many, DWELL has negative meanings. Not the way I’m using it. I encourage you to shift your perspective so that DWELL is simply this—consistently taking action to achieve the things you want to achieve.

So, is thinking, seeing and dwelling enough to determine your successful outcome? It’s a good foundation, however, you truly need to BELIEVE you will succeed. Believing, thinking and seeing all help you to look back from the view of success to figure out the “best route” to get you to your destination.

Think. See. BELIEVE. Dwell. Determine.

Go make it happen. I know YOU can!

Steve Frank

About Steve Frank

A personal and executive leadership coach with over 22 years of combined Marketing, Branding and Coaching experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors, Steve is founder of evolution360° personal & executive leadership coaching focusing on leadership coaching & professional development. He works with individual clients and organizations to identify behaviors which limit individual and organizational potential. As new, positive behaviors are mindfully put in to practice, Steve’s clients gain confidence, clarity, balance and intentional focus, resulting in improved performance, better team dynamics and greater job satisfaction. Connect with evolution360° on Facebook.