Eternal life

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We awaken to sounds everyday, perhaps of children at our bedside or a distractful alarm clock to start us off. In the wake of everyday we must come to realize that each day together is a gift not a given. So much we take for granted in out lives as a daily routine. Sometimes ignoring the real fact of our being here? God has placed in our hands and at our feet everything we may need, even  in these challenging times of job loss, recession and various economic factors, we are all being tested, everyday.


Sometimes this goes beyond our daily thoughts and expectations, sometime we lose someone we love or someone close to us, whether it be an elderly person, Wife, Husband, Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, friend or a Child, any such loss goes beyond our imagination, yet we are not programmed in this world to understand why?


So much of our time has been consumed with everyday activities, for some it’s a matter of survival in some cases and in many, we have replaced Faith with our daily struggles and overlook the true aspect and promise to us all. This is not by our own decisions for this world has created so much hate, dishonor, distrust, disunity and has left for many of us, only a daily means to survive.


This was not God’s intention for any of us, we all have our own struggles we face daily, or own financial crisis and anger in some cases that when we lose someone it only magnifies the “negative” in this world. In many cases such as myself, I have only learned to rely more on God and staying in Faith even in the darkest of time and the hardest of struggles, I am, as we all are, children of the most high God. He did not create us by accident, each one of us was planned long before our parents ever though of us.


Some feel that death Is the end of any persons life and that’s all there is, not so my friends.


Over 2000 years ago a man walked this earth teaching about love, about the Kingdom of God and the Afterlife. He spoke of what awaits us all on the other side whether you believed in God or not, we each will face the day we arrive home. He made it clear as some thought he was fanatical about how his Kingdom was not of this world, talking of mansions in his Father’s house, even today many may overlook the true message that he spoke, of course this man was named Jesus.


As he lived and talked about God and about those who believed in him will never die, people didn’t know what to make of such things. Then in his own crucifixion it became clear that after the third day he rose again and showed himself to his disciples and those who followed and believed in him.


“I am the resurrection and the life….he that believes in me though he were dead, shall never die…and whosoever belief in me shall live a new life…”


Friends we must understand that though death of a loved one no matter how untimely it may be does not end a life, does not end a relationship, love just doesn’t die. We are promised the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, forget the religion, read the Bible and embrace your own relationship with Christ, knowing that he is there, knowing that he hears our prayers and cries but also remember that he has promised eternal life.


As I work everyday in my line of work, always reaching into the spiritual side of things bringing imagination and ideas to life. I know it is not me but God exercise my talent to his ability. For I have seen myself grow and expand so much in a very short time, in the venue of what I love to do. And as I too have lost people close to me, leaving my mind open having been brought to them, I have seen first hand that the promise remains and the purpose of Christ dying for us was not so much dying for our sins but that when we stand in the face of God in our judgment, Christ stands there with us exonerating all that we have done, in our repent.


We will miss those to whom we have known, grown up with, Parented us, friends, family and various acquaintances but I tell you this, for those who continue their Faith, it is right to ask our creator “why?” but is also our testing once again, of Faith which in some cases may be very hard at first but when you realized why Christ was here and his purpose and promise to us all then you will realize that to all who have gone before we WILL see them once again but, this time it will be for all eternity.


It’s up to each of us to establish our own personal relationship with Christ and ask in your daily rituals, “how may I be of service to you”, to all of God’s children. Remember when Christ was here, he was not here to be served but to serve. He washed and healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made cripple people walk, surrounded himself with those who were lost in this world, gave them hope and a promise that God loves us all. One example you may ask is very clear, to those who have children no matter how much they may do wrong or be led astray, that parental love never changes, even when it hurts. Our God is a God of salvation not of revenge, not of anger, not of hate but unconditional love.


We may not see it at times, we may not feel it, but his plan and his Kingdom is not of this world and for every person we have lost in our lives and for those yet to come, Stay strong in your Faith and know, this is NOT all there is, the promise of God is among us all and we will one day rejoice in homecoming to our Father’s Kingdom where we will live for ever and ever.


And remember through it all as Christ has said; “I am with you always, always until the end of the world…”


Jeffery Taylor

About Jeffery Taylor

Jeffery Taylor has been a graphic designer and writer for 30 years. He is also Owner and CEO of Jeffery A. Taylor - Design Studios formed in 1981. A 30 year veteran in the business Supporting Graphic Design to the Detroit Metro Area and the nation.A former Penske employee and is currently the design and art director for TPE Post.