Enjoy a New Year and a New YOU in 2012!

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Thousands of people are making a resolution to improve their health with the Body by Vi Challenge in 2012. Why not be next?\

You can save money, win prizes, and get in the best shape of your life with the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge.

With the beginning of a New Year comes the annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. Chances are you or somebody you know has set a resolution to get healthier in 2012. And chances are this isn’t the first time that has been the goal. But are you ready to make this year different for you and the people you care most about?

Studies show that those who make a meaningful resolution are proven to be more likely to achieve their goal than those who make no commitment at all, and what could be more meaningful than your health?

Visalus Sciences is a company that understands the importance of setting and reaching goals. Built on years as a Health and Wellness industry leader, offering products developed by some of the world’s brightest minds and finest natural sources, their Body by Vi Challenge is a movement that helps people achieve their goals and experience lasting health transformations.

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