Dr. David Washington “Leading the way” with new book

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 The hot new page turner: “Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life, by Dr. David Washington should be well on its way to the bestseller’s (in books) list, if not already there. The book is practical, but firm on speaking openly about “Life” and “Life eon life’s own terms” in today’s day and age.


Dr. Washington

Life is a Choice is a book for people who want to achieve success, but may not know how. The book is written in a conversational manner to help point out powerful insights for the reader. This book educates the reader about success, encourages through examples, and entertains by capturing the imagination. The concepts detailed in the book are practical and applicable to life. Dr. David Washington explains the concepts in the book using his personal life journey and lives of others. In addition, he also utilizes social science research to illustrate his points. This book is a must read for anyone that wants to reach success in life.



The Battle


Chapter 1: Don’t Let Fear Conquer You

Chapter 2: Attitude is the Ultimate Key

Chapter 3: Do it With Passion

Chapter 4: Hard Work: There’s No Substitution

Chapter 5: Don’t Fall Out

Chapter 6: Use Your Past, Not Abuse Your Past

Chapter 7: If You Stay Ready…

Chapter 8: No Excuses

Chapter 9: Something New to Come In…

Chapter 10: Play to Win

Chapter 11: You are Your Associations

Chapter 12: Presentation Counts

Chapter 13: Trouble is Easy to Get Into

The Author came from humble beginnings but from a loving family with strong family values. When he was 14, the family lost their only source of income, “mom’s minimum wage job” and later, when he became a High school senior, more strife hit the family , when his brother was diagnosed with epilepsy. This cut down and even out on the normal playtime and extracurricular activities for a young man of this age.

Never feeling sorry for himself or the family situation, he decided to step up to the proverbial plate and “do something” about it. He finished high school and joined the U.S. Army. While doing his service to our country, he attended school at night and earned a Bachelor’s Degree for his dedication to his studies. Knowing that education was the key to his success, he took it a step further and ultimately earned 2 Master’s Degrees; A Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Administration, he then decided to pursue a doctorate degree from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Washington completed his Ph.D. in Educational Research and Policy Analysis in the record time of three years. Dr. Washington is the Managing Partner of Washington & company. He is a former faculty member of the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University, where he received the Outstanding Teacher and the SGA Distinguished Professor Awards. In his roles, he is committed to positively impacting the lives of young people. On Saturday, June 30, 2012 Dr. David Washington was awarded one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) award presented by the United States Junior Chamber (Jaycees).


The TOYA award is one of the most prestigious awards in the country and is given to people who exemplify immense accomplishment and/or leadership in the community. The award was initiated in 1938, has been awarded annually since 1940, and has included such individuals as President John F. Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and Quarterback Peyton Manning.


"I am incredibly humbled by this recognition and honor," says Dr. Washington, who also speaks to business organizations, associations and educational institutions about leadership, strategy and motivation. "It is great to have won such an illustrious and distinguished award as the TOYA."
Since its publication in December 2011, Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life has already won five national book awards:
1. Business Motivational category in the 2012 International Book Festival 
2. Best Business Book of the Year at the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival 
3. Best “How To” book in the 2012 San Francisco Book Festival 
4. Best "How To" book in the 2012 New York Book Festival 
5. Business Category in the 2012 Beach Book Festival


For more information Email: Publicist Sandra DuBose Gibson MyPR@DuboseEntertainment.com  Call (919) 610-5420 See: www.LifeIsAChoiceBook.com

Deborah A. Culp (TPEPost.com Contributing Writer)

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