Clean House

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(by Janine Folks)

Whenever my mom comes over to visit, I get a little uneasy. I love her dearly. But when she comes over to visit, instead of having a seat and relaxing, she goes around my house finding things that need to be done. It seems that whenever she comes over, there is something undone. One of these days, I keep saying she’s going to come over and find my house to be spotless.  Then what will she do?

She goes into my kitchen. Next thing you know, she’s washing the few dishes that are in the sink.  Then she’s all in my bathroom and bedroom straightening things out. I want to yell, “Mom, please stop! I’ll take care of it!” Yet she continues until she is satisfied with the state of my home. Her motherly instinct did not expire when I turned 18. At 41, I am still being rescued by her and the recipient of her assistance.

My mom reminds me of how God is when He comes to our house. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost (I Cor. 6:19).  We are like a house and we don’t even belong to ourselves. We belong to God. That means He can come in, inspect and clean up.  God comes in and gets in our business.  He goes from room to room, cleaning up.

As uneasy as it may make us, He will inspect the room of your relationships.  He’s checking to see how you treat your spouse or who you’re dating or fooling around with.  He may look through your check book or debit/credit card statement to see how you’ve been spending your money. He might look in your cupboards to see what you feeding your body or checking to see if you have been exercising and treating your neighbor right.  He may check your liquor cabinet or bar tab to see if you’ve over-indulged in alcohol.  God may get into your business.  He has a right to do so.

When He sees something out of order, He will come in and straighten it out; unless of course, you kick Him out and tell Him to mind His own business, or if you act too ashamed to let Him in and gain access to your mess, then He cannot clean it up.  If you refuse Him, He will leave you to wallow in your mess.  If you could clean it up yourself, it would be done already wouldn’t it? Don’t let pride convince you can do it on your own without help.

I have learned to accept my mother’s help.  I used to be too proud and wanted to prevent her visits. Now, I welcome her and appreciate her help.  I am at a point now where I don’t need as much help as I once did.  I’ve improved, but help is still nice.  She doesn’t do what she does to belittle or embarrass me.  She truly wants me to feel and function better in my living environment.  Helping me blesses her.

God isn’t trying to put us on the spot.  He wants to give us the abundant life He came to give us (John 10:10), but some of us insist on letting the enemy steal, kill and destroy because of our own refusal to let God clean our house.  Don’t complain when God gets in your business. He’s trying to straighten out your mess. Welcome and thank Him! Let God give you a clean house!

Janine Folks - Spiritual Columnist

About Janine Folks - Spiritual Columnist

Janine Folks is a licensed and ordained minister, inspirational writer of a weekly newspaper column, columnist for a national Christian magazine, self-published author of several books, and co-founder of a women’s prayer group called Women of Transition. Janine holds a B. A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Business, Sociology and Communications from the University of Michigan. Janine has studied Clinical Pastoral Education in Detroit, MI and works as a chaplain in the medical field. An avid roller skater, 2013 recipient of a Spirit of Esther Award from the Alliance of Women in Ministry, Janine lives in Michigan is a mother of three.