Baking to perfection with Alisha K

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I’m looking forward to sharing my advice about food and recipes that are my very own, but first I thought I would give you a little “taste” of who I am, and what it is I will be writing about each month.
I simply LOVE good food.
I have fond memories of Grandmother’s bountiful garden; waking at the break of dawn to help gather the wholesome fruit and vegetables that would later be prepared with love to nourish our bodies. Nostalgic trips to the market; gathering  items from the shopping list full of fresh, healthy foods that would ultimately be used to create meals and baked goods that were absolutely heavenly.
“Actually Heavenly is not too far off, when it comes to what I’ve tasted that Alisha K has made at various events arond the Metro Detroit Area,” said Trish Brown, publisher of the TPE Post. “I first had her cheesecake at an event for SAFE which took place in July at the Detroit Historical Museum. I always thought Junior’s Cheesecake made in New York City was the best, then I tasted Alisha K’s Key Lime Cheesecake and I was hooked.  In fact, in the last decade, other than Junior’s, I have always declined, when cheesecake is being served.  She has a real gift. This woman is an awesome baker and bakes for restaurants and carters major events all over town.  Best of all, she is very affordable too. So no more Junior’s for me.
“For all of my out-of-town friends who love Junior’s, Alisha K is sending her cheesecakes all over the country too, so give it  a try.  I guarantee you will be hooked too, ”  Brown added.
The essence of moments shared in the kitchen; aprons on,  preparing with loving hands, the sweet and savory aromas swirling in the air, seasoning, tasting,anticipating the very first bite. With great care the dining table is set, and adorned with platters of goodness…precious moments I cherish to this very day.
Food inspires my creative juices with passion, and my creations are a means of self expression, along with my gift of service.

About Alisha Kiovanni

Alisha D. Kiovanni is a Mother, classically trained Culinary Pastry Professional, the proud Proprietor of Alisha K's Signature Foods As well as a True Foodie at heart.