Ask Nada

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Have you heard? Ask Nada! Weekly column is coming to TPEPOST starting Aug. 17!

Ask Nada


This is a space to ask about the many topics/experiences that we encounter as women. A space where wisdom/knowledge is offered from a holistic & spiritual perspective. With the intent of guiding you to the answers you seek. You are invited to use this space as an element of healing, peace, comfort, and clarity.



Nada Crystal

About Nada Crystal

Nada Crystal has been on a spiritual journey that has permanently changed her perception re: the awareness, understanding and respect of Self and the Reality. Nada has been called by some, a spiritual midwife, intuitive adviser, and a healer using the art of words. Her understanding of the woman’s influence, strength and abilities as the co-creators of all nations has also been deeply clarified and embraced through her personal trials and struggles on the path of embracing her authentic Self. Nada strives to teach women about gaining personal strength through self -empowerment. She is currently completing her first book and also the Founder/Guide of The Temple of She healing arts practice.