2012 North Carolina Azalea Festival Children’s Art Contest

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What is an Azalea? That is what I asked upon hearing about the Azalea Festival, etc. The dictionary describes it as; Any of various shrubs of the genus Rhododendron having showy, variously colored flowers. Or the Greek word, azale a derivative from feminine of azaleas dry. So called because it grows in dry soil from the texture of its wood; note as in Indo-European roots.

Whereas the time frame from April 11th -15th for the 2012 NC Azalea Festival, which consists of everything from an all star, nationally televised parade, various garden tours and a circus… “Yes a circus!”

Plus much more – but the event marker for this Yankee-girl was the NC Children’s Azalea Festival Art Children’s Art Contest. Held in downtown Wilmington, NC at the Historic Hannah Block USO & Cultural Arts Center.

Of course with our children they are all winners as we encourage them to be in life. 1st place went to Cameron Holmes a 5th grader at Bellamy Elementary School, 2nd place Claire Hommes a 4th grader at Bellamy elementary School and  3rd place to Alison Ponds a 5th grader at Murrayville Elementary.

There were several Honorable mentions among these talented young people and an in-depth look into some future Artist at best.

The Historic Hannah Block USO & Community Arts Center is run in conjunction with the prestigious Thalian Association, Inc. Susan Habas is the Managing Director and Donna Joyner-Green is the Community Arts Director. Supporting staff on hand for the memorable event; Kevin Green, Ty Parker and Terrill Williams.

There is not enough space or words of thanks for the amount of time, work and support that went into that afternoon alone and the “kudos” to all involved!  But Special thanks to Wilmington’s Honorable Mayor, Bill Saffo; for the ribbon cutting to the Art Gallery and general congeniality shown to all guest. To Stephanie Kraybill, chairperson of the Art contest, NC Azalea Festival President, Chuck Kays, New Hanover and Pender county Schools and of course, all of the children and their families who entered and/or in support of it all.

Mr. Donn Ansell, all of the teachers, volunteers, esteemed Thalian Hall  President Hank Miller and the  Board of Directors, the Community Arts Center Advisory Board;  tom Wallace Chairperson. For more information about the 2012 Azalea Festival, see: www.ncazaleafestival.org  For the Historic USO/CAC see: www.wilmingtoncac.org and Thalian Hall see www.thalianhall.org –DAC-

Deborah A. Culp (TPEPost.com Contributing Writer)

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