Crazy About Apples? Here Are Some Facts

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(Courtesy of CBS Detroit)

t’s not too late to take a trip to an apple orchard. Michigan’s apple season is in full swing until Halloween. It’s hard to imagine but there weren’t any apple trees in Michigan – or anywhere in the United States – until the first European settlers brought over the seeds and planted them.

According to the Michigan Apple Committee, apple trees grow across the country thriving in climates that range from deserts to the river valleys and of course, the Great Lakes.

The apple is Michigan’s largest fruit crop, where we grow about 100 varieties of apples with the Red Delicious being the most popular. This week, Fuji and Braeburn apples will be ready for picking.

Because apples can be sweet and crunchy, your kids are sure to find one they love.

Do a taste test and first slice them in half across the core to show your kids the star inside then take a bite for a fiber filled healthy snack!

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