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Is it me or does the plus size section look dimmer and smaller each week? Correct me if I am wrong, but plus size fashion shouldn’t be a topic retailers dread to create but deem too because it’s a 17 billion dollar industry.

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Plus Size women Sizes 10+ make up over 50% of the United States alone. Certainly the days of oversized tent dresses are the thing of the past, but retailers and well-to-do designers have yet to embrace plus sizes in there runway shows or in their collections. In light, I was bargaining shopping at Ross and found a Michael Kors black cardigan for $20.00, Woe is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Before you began this journey with me, please note I am not complaining as to what retailers do or don’t do I am merely asking you to ask yourselves to think about what you buy, when and where you buy it. As a women myself, I see fit to bring you the skinny for example not only on budget but in hopes we can step up and out and throw pieces together that trend conscientious. In my lovely area of town of beautiful I call beach-country also known as Wilmington, North Carolina.

There are only a handful of plus size shops that sell clothing such as JcPenny, Ross Dress for Less, Rugged Warehouse, Cato, Sears, Rainbow, Lane Bryant and consignment shops Big Gals Boutique and  Diva. But ask me if there are any straight sizes, of course, there are, there are plenty. I feel ridiculous walking in a section boldly titled plus sizes and walk out without a second breathe. It’s “Tom Foolery”-a cliché I use for confusion. Fashion should be available to all people not just straight sizes.

Last Saturday, my gal pal and I brushed through the aisles of TJ Maxx with our chest pointed out and grins on our face-only to find our hopes turned into doubts when we realized there were only four racks dedicated to the plus size women. And fifty-seven hundreds dedicated to the slimmer gals. Am I wrong for noticing the segregation? Forget sexual orientation discrimination. Size seems to be the new fad.


About ShellyKing

Born in New London, Connecticut and later relocating to the Wilmington, North Carolina- Shelly is not just another pretty face she comes with brains and beauty in the fashion business. She has her MBA from Webster University and a BA in Marketing from North Carolina Wesleyan College. Shelly has ripped the runway in many fashion shows across the country-kicking down Stereotypes and taking names in the fashion industry. Shelly believes that “Trendy fashion shouldn’t be limited in size.” Shelly has organized fashion shows in Ashley Stewart’s flagship stores and has worked on Capitol Hill as well. She has been featured in worldwide publications such as The Examiner, The Hill, Plus Model Magazine, Venus Diva Magazine and recently her big break on The TLC’s reality series Big Brooklyn Style executively produced by Stacey London. Since the show aired Shelly has taken all she has learned in fashion styling and now has elevated to mentoring inner city youth in Detroit, Michigan. Shelly is a contributing writer for the Tipping Post on Plus Size Fashion and is excited about the new era in the plus size realm. Shelly enjoys traveling, shopping and painting the world with love and laughter. Shelly will be featured in the Jeff Grinstein’s The Curvy Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week in September.