Borba Beauty Tips

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  1. Did you know most celebrities use a myriad of wigs like our elf false eye lashes!  There are actually now “wig stylists” popping up.  Here’s how it works.  An “A” celebrity typically has multiple events to promote themselves or one of their many projects.  So it’s not good enough to just change your outfit.  As simple as changing your lipstick color and slipping on a new frock, you can piece on an up-due, layer on long hair, or just cap on a perfectly quaffed wig (pre-prepared by your hair stylist).  This is going to be a big upcoming trend.
  2. Did you know that most stars will keep an Intensive redness reducing eye drop in their purse or pocket.  As we all know, the first place people look is at your eyes (we hope :) Celebrities will gently take a tissue (like blotting your lips) and place it on the lower lash line, so not to ruin their make-up.  Crisp white eyes showcase good health, rest and make any eye color pop (with the right e.l.f. Make-up of course)!
  3. Did you know that most celebrities that look like they are roll out of bed beauties have a secret to that natural, flawless-looking skin.  It’s so easy.  You take your favorite day or night moisturizer (BORBA of course) that works for your skin.  Then take a cream higher (e.l.f. of course), or gently crush some bronzing powder into your hand with the cream. (then mix together).  Make certain you conceal under your eyes first so your skin looks completely even with that glow.  Now you just need one coat of mascara, some lip gloss, a big pair of sunglasses and bam – bombshell confidence!
  4. Did you know that most celebrities fake out drinking alcohol.  Their champagne glass is usually filled with ginger ale. Their mixed drinks are always topped with a lime or lemon slice (so they don’t get hassled by event goers).  If you want to look your absolute best, you must eliminate as many diuretics (ingredients that release water) in your diet. Alcohol is a big culprit.  Having glowing skin firm skin, stronger eye lashes, hair and nails all depend on cutting out the excess (you can still have a little bit of fun :).  Why would you take so much time making your self look beautiful, if you’re not feeding your body well from the inside out. Big celebrity secret, now yours!

About Scott Vincent Borba

Scott-Vincent Borba Mini Biography Popular with consumers, audiences and media alike, BORBA Founder and CEO Scott-Vincent Borba has earned a solid reputation as a prescient thinker and beauty business visionary. In developing first-of-their-kind beauty products for his company and treating the skin from both inside and out, he is indeed changing the way people think about skin care. It begins with Scott-Vincent's philosophy of building beauty inside-out. For him, health and beauty are one in the same. To encourage healthy skin from within there are BORBA Nutraceuticals. For the outside, the company offers a full range of BORBA Cosmeceuticals delivering potent problem-solving antioxidant-rich formulas topically. Since launching BORBA in 2004, Scott-Vincent has nimbly steered BORBA from one success to another. Since his first appearance on QVC in 2006 for example, Scott-Vincent has become one of its top celebrities in the health and beauty category in addition to being named one of the Top 5 QVC Rising Stars overall. The youngest of five children, Scott-Vincent is originally from a small farming town in California. "I received unequivocal guidance and support from my parents," he remembers, "They encouraged my ambitions to escape the constraints of the small town and create something bigger, something significant of my life." During college, Scott-Vincent worked as a Ford model and participated in major fashion campaigns and runway shows including Calvin Klein and Versace. He earned his B.S. degree from Santa Clara University and is a licensed Esthetician. His subsequent move to Los Angeles was an education in itself in the art and science of the beauty business. There he built career successes in both prestige and mass-market sectors in product development, branding and marketing for companies such as Hard Candy, Neutrogena, P&G/Wella/Sebastian, Shiseido/Joico and Murad, before setting out on his own as Founder of BORBA and Co-Founder of e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) Cosmetics. In addition, Scott-Vincent is an active supporter of and global spokesperson for Covenant House California, a non-profit organization providing food, shelter, life-skills counseling and education for youth in need. "What I particularly love about beauty," concludes Scott-Vincent Borba, "Is that it sits right in the middle between science and fashion, drawing inspiration and content from both. You get the rigor and structure of one combined with the glamour and promise of the other. For me, that's the most intriguing and exciting thing in the world."