Why Austria is the Perfect Choice for Your Skiing Holiday

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Our favorite holidays stay with us forever. They can provide us with new friendships, new experiences and memories that last a lifetime. A skiing holiday in Austria is the ideal vacation, letting you experience the great outdoors while getting some exercise and enjoying the famous aprrs-ski.

Why a ski-trip?
Skiing is a growth industry and wins over legions of new fans every year. It’s the ultimate winter activity holiday and not only increases fitness levels, but will boost your self-confidence as you see yourself improve, day by day.

On an Austrian skiing holiday, you will be taking part in a healthy outdoor activity in spectacular surroundings. Spending your holiday on the ski slopes in the clean, pure Austria ski resorts mountain air will leave you feeling revitalized and healthy. At the end of your trip, you’ll return home rejuvenated and refreshed. What better way to spend your holiday?

Tailoring your trip
Many different ski-holiday packages are available and you can choose the perfect trip for your needs and those of your travelling companions. You can tailor your trip according to whether you’re a party of complete beginners, or skiing superstars. Tuition is available in Austria ski resorts for those who need it, but if some members of your group are already accomplished skiers, they can head for the slopes without being restricted by less-experienced companions.

A ski-holiday enables every member of your party to build their confidence on the ski-slope at a speed they are comfortable with.

Why Austria?
Austria has some fantastic ski-resorts, with extensive skiing available for holidaymakers of all ages and abilities. The country also has the most modern ski-lift system in Europe and its ski-schools are famous for their excellent teaching records.

Austria has a particularly good snow record, which as seasoned skiers will know, is vital when it comes to getting the most out of your ski-trip. Some of the most renowned glacier ski areas in Europe are found in the country, meaning an unforgettable experience for those who visit.

Austria offers a magnificent range of superb accommodation. A wide variety of packages are available at all pricing levels so you’ll be sure to find the perfect trip, no matter what your budget.

Of course, if all that activity and outdoor living gets a bit much for you, there is always the aprrs-ski to look forward to in the evening! Aprrs-ski refers to the socializing that takes place after the day’s skiing. It usually is considered to involve drinking, dining and dancing and you will be pleased to hear that Austria is particularly well known for this pastime!

It’s the perfect way to unwind after a day on the slopes before you head home to your hotel for a well-earned night of rest before doing it all again tomorrow.

An Austrian skiing trip might just be the perfect choice for this year’s holiday. On what other trip can you spend the whole day outdoors in an area of outstanding natural beauty, learning an exciting new skill?

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