Top Model of the World talks beauty pageants

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Alyssandra Snows Top Model of the World and Miss Universe.

Alyssandra Snows Top Model of the World and former Ms Germany.

What is your opinion of beauty pageants in general ?

“I think its a great way for young woman to travel and create many experience and friends around the world!   …well, and or enemies , I am kidding. Ha ha ha ; )”

How tough is the competition, are the girls always friendly with each other as they appear on TV or do they squabble behind the scenes ?

“It’s very different from pageant to pageant and from girl to girl. Usually everybody is excited to meet new friends from different cultures and you spend so much time together so you make friends and kind of grow together but it’s also stressful such a pageant is usually 3 to 6 weeks long and most of the pageant don’t let you leave the hotel and group add to this all the rehearsals, guest appearances and shows, it can increase tension levels amongst the contestants…. AND after all it’s a pageant/ competition so usually you go there to win, at least thats what I always thought. LOL. There was a lot of drama in my top model of the world competition back stage which is kind of funny when I think back on it but generally everyone gets along throughout the competition.”

Do you think “Miss” competition beneficial for your career?

“If you win the pageant, yes, it definitely opens a lot of doors for you but you still have to go through that door.”

What do you think a girl must have to win a big beauty pageant such as Miss Universe? Is it a super-model type or is there a big difference to a “Miss”?

“A Miss contestent is different to a run a way model and more like a commercial model. You should have a sexy, curvy body type, classic beauty, fresh look, charisma, a killer smile and an interesting or kind personality. One of the most important things is your energy on stage!!! You have to go out there with out any fear, have fun and just rock it. And the evening dress you choose definitely helps too.”

Why do girls from Venezuela win so often?

Alyssandra Snows' talent portion of the Top Model of the World show.

Alyssandra Snows’ talent portion of the Top Model of the World show.

“I guess it’s really in their culture, they grow up with beauty pageants and the dream of it in South America. But especially in Venezuela, they have a whole school were you can go for a year to prepare to be a miss. LOL. And the government pays for the plastic surgery if you enter miss competitions which is kind of sad.”

What do you think about plastic surgery in general and especially for these young hopefuls ?

“I think its great it exist and that you can do it if really needed but sadly it is very abused this days.”

What is your beauty advice for the day before the big day?

“Absolutely no vegetables or salad as that might blow you up, just a little bit of protein, a lot of water and green tea so your body looks tight. A good scrub for face and body it makes you look fresh and shiny! Cleansing mask and sleep, sleep, sleep!!!! At least try to get as much as possible. Fresh energy and good mood is always amazing! And I really love high heels and big fake eyelashes for the stage!!!”

What do you think about this years Miss Universe pageant and who is your favorite?

“First of all, its in Moscow and I would love, love to visit Russia!!!! It looks so beautiful but probably very cold at this time of year… They are all very pretty in different ways but I obviously did not met them in person so can’t judge the personality however based on pictures my Top 6 are Puerto Rico, China, Italy, Israel, Ukraine and USA. Good luck to everyone though!!!”

THANK YOU Alyssandra we appreciate the tips and we will see this week-end who the lucky winner will be for 2013 : )

Alyssandra Snows in the final four for the Top Model of the World.

Alyssandra Snows in the final four for the Top Model of the World.

“Thank you very much for having me and please follow me on twitter and Facebook for updates and news!! Muah XO :)”

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