Time To Change Your Oil

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By James MacLean

Olive oil benefits have been touted for many hundreds of years. More recently, coconut oil has become all the rage. But, whatever oil you choose – whether it’s olive, coconut, almond, canola, peanut, safflower, walnut, or even avocado oil – none compare to the powerful nutritional virtues of virgin organic red palm oil.

The oil is derive from the fruit of the palm tree and its referred to as “red palm oil” because of its rich dark red color in its unprocessed natural state. This oil is regarded as a sacred healing food by many civilizations, including the ancient Egyptians, crude or virgin red palm fruit oil should be regarded as one of the most nutritious edible oils in the world.

Virgin organic sustainable red palm fruit oil is otherwise a bona fide miracle food. The red color of the palm fruit oil is what is attributed to its high content of carotenes, which include beta-carotene and lycopene. These powerhouse antioxidant nutrients are the same ones that give tomatoes and carrots and other fruits and vegetables their rich red and orange colors. What may shock you is that red palm fruit oil contains more nutrients than tomatoes or carrots.

Palm fruit oil contains less cholesterol-lowering “long-chain” omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil. What red palm oil contains, however, is a lot of “medium-chain” and “short-chain” fatty acids – both of which scientists recognize as healthy for us and necessary in moderation. Red palm oil has great science behind it for its beneficial role in fighting heart disease and high cholesterol. Over the past two decades, researchers have intensely studied red palm oil’s effect on cardiovascular health and the preliminary results initially baffled scientists.

Kept at room temperature, this semi-solid oil seems as likely as lard to clog your arteries. But what might shock you to learn, as it has equally stunned researchers, is that although red palm fruit oil is indeed high in saturated fat, it actually protects against heart disease. Studies show that adding palm oil into the diet can remove plaque build-up in arteries and, therefore, reverse the process of plaque and prevent blockages.

In fact, studies funded by the National Institutes of Health have shown that a natural form of vitamin E called alpha tocotrienol, which is the form found in high amounts in red palm fruit oil, can help reduce the effects of stroke by 50% by protecting your brain’s nerve cells. But red palm oil’s benefits aren’t exclusive to heart health. Research is showing that the antioxidant power of red palm oil can be of help in protecting against a variety of health problems, including osteoporosis, asthma, cataracts, macular degeneration, arthritis, and liver disease. It can even slow down the premature aging processes by protecting the skin against damaging UV rays.

Nothing ages us faster than being overweight, where traditional fats and oils like margarine, or other vegetable oils take a long time to break down for energy and are eventually stored as fat, red palm oil goes straight to liver and ignites metabolism. That means you’ll burn calories from fat much faster. When it comes to your brain, the special form of vitamin-E (tocotrienol) in red palm oil stops destructive damage and improves blood flow to brain cells, which can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and even dementia.

The high antioxidant content of red palm oil makes it a potent anti-cancer food. Though tocotrienols can be found in rice bran, barley and wheat, red palm oil is the richest source of tocotrienol. Research suggests that this form of vitamin E may help fight skin, stomach, pancreas, liver, lung, colon, prostate, breast, and other cancers. Additionally, research has shown that red palm oil promotes nutrient utilization, improves liver detoxification pathways and improves immune function.

Juka is from West Africa

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Juka’s Palm Oil is imported from a small village in Africa that has been manufacturing Red Palm Oil with the most old fashion, natural and organic technique for centuries. Juka and all her partners stand against deforestation.”It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation. Here At Juka’s Palm Oil with all our partners stand against deforestation. It Is Our duty and to our benefit as Africans to protect our environment and to preserve our primary resources. Wildlife and rainforest is what makes Africa unique and special “. Juka Ceesay

By now, one question you may have is, “Where do I get some?” Actually, you can currently buy this product online at www.jukaspalmoil.com. Juka’s Red Palm Oil is shipped directly from Africa, it has the authentic taste of organic premium palm oil with no additives. Preserving the purest and most natural formula. Named Dr. Oz’s first miracle solution of 2013 is red palm oil. An amazing fat that helps stop the signs of aging inside and out!

James MacLean

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