Things that give me Indigestion, as I seek relief from Indigestion

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By Glenn Peppers

(“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” Line from a well loved Alka-Seltzer commercial from the 1960’s)

When a good friend of mine who was suffering from acid indigestion sought suggestions on a remedy for this condition (notice my terminology…‘Condition’), I thought old school: Malox or Mylanta! Then I thought, Oops, I forgot, they don’t sell them anymore! Yep, that’s right! Since they’ve taken something that mankind (and most all carbon based lifeforms on this planet who emit Methane on a regular basis) has had since the beginning of recorded history, that comes as a result of, and reaction to gaseous food consumption, and temporary indigestion, or Acid Indigestion, and re-named (or re-classified) it. Gas (indigestion) is now know as a Disease! This discovery has changed the scope of how we purchase relief from, simple Acid Indigestion. Or simply put — GAS, and how we should seek relief from it!

So because GAS has been up-graded to Disease status, we now have to go to the doctor, and get a prescription for either Nexium, or Prilosec (or the like) in order to attain relief from said condition. See, just about a year or so ago, I could walk into my local Walgreens and buy a bottle of Mylanta. Gulp down about two table spoons of that magically chalky stuff, which would in turn coat (and soothe) my stomach, and in effect (and in time) would help heal a fiery ulcer, or relieve an inflamed stomach lining, and acid indigestion, and (hence the new high tech word for Gerd), Acid Reflux!

     When I went looking for Malox or Mylanta for Mother In -Law’s stomach ill’s, all I could find on the shelves were Pepto Bismol, Milk of Magnesia, Gaviscon, and some other new fangle Antacid/Laxative remedy left on the shelves, along with a few other items I’d never heard of. The only thing like Malox or Mylanta on the shelves (at another store) was at CVS, where I purchased the CVS generic of version of Mylanta; which I suspect may not be available for very long considering how they (the FDA) have been putting forth this giant effort into taking things off the market that work!

Remedies that have given people relief from things like gas and asthma (yep, they yanked Primatene Mist off the shelves because it has a CFC propellent system, and not an HFA/Ethanol propellent system), along with a few other over the counter medicines folks have gotten results from, and have trusted for many decades… That actually Work!

So now we have to pay for a doctor’s visit, and a prescription co-pay fee for relief we use to be able to get over the counter! I don’t know, for sure, and maybe I should check again, but I didn’t even see any Alka-Seltzer on the shelves either. So, without any press, any announcement. Not even a whisper, one by one, it appears that our over the counter remedies are being eliminated for the sake of Big Pharma! Now that alone gives me GAS!!


Glenn Peppers


Glenn Peppers

About Glenn Peppers

Glenn Peppers, is an author of a helpful hints book entitled, “The Home Husband Companion.” It is a collection of funny stories and true-life wisdom from a lifetime of experience and southern prudence. I’ve spent 25 years as a Project and Program Assistant within the Traumatically Brain Injured community. My travel experiences, and skills as an artist, writer, and musician and amateur historian has only added to my skills as an author and freelance writer.