The Seeing: Part 1

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freeBy Nada Crystal

I am living. I am alive. A choice I had to make because there is no other option. I have hidden behind falseness. I have attempted to confirmed, taken others advise to the point of detouring my path. I have given of myself to the point of exhaustion…in the end nothing was left for myself, at all! Feelings of guilt, sadness, lack of fulfillment, resentment, as well as depression were becoming the “norm” for me. What has this taught me and shown me?  To live and live whole. What does this mean? It means to release the expectations that others and society has placed on me. To honor and respect my authentic path that was my birthright. Easier said than done, I know. But it was stance on which I had to regain my footing. A stance I know very well, but what happened? Understand, this is “what I do”, in my healing arts practice The Temple of She. I assist/guide women who are emotionally, mentally and spiritually stagnant. Women who desire to move forward in various areas of their life, but are having difficulty seeing the path clearly. It was time for the guide to seek guidance, time to take a journey. A journey back to trfidentify the source of the mindsets that was the force behind the actions that had seemingly snuck up on me. Mindsets that appeared to invade my life.  My sessions began, my guide? My guides and higher Self. The analyzing and Socratic questions were on a roll, when I noticed the sneaky culprit…exhaustion. Yup, exhaustion which immediately brought me back to the center of Self-love. Again, this is the very guidance I give those that seek me out! I was given a wake up refreshers course, what irony! I had gotten so engulfed in giving that somehow returning that same gesture back to self had eluded me. Exhaustion, I was reminded doesn’t simply affect your physical state. It affects every level of your being, in essence you are in a state of compromise. From mental sharpness, psychic perception/clarity, deciphering intuition, to the health of the immune system, and basic comprehension and more are all affected. Rest is such an underrated benefit in today’s rat race society. Many ignore it until a physical medical issue arises and the doctor suggests it. Silence, is a breath of fresh air for the mind and spirit.  Enter into a period of silence and rest was the prescription given to me.

I will let you know how it goes when I return…

“There is nothing you can offer others that you have not offered yourself.” ~Universe

(This quote was given to me just as I was finishing this piece up)

Nada Crystal

About Nada Crystal

Nada Crystal has been on a spiritual journey that has permanently changed her perception re: the awareness, understanding and respect of Self and the Reality. Nada has been called by some, a spiritual midwife, intuitive adviser, and a healer using the art of words. Her understanding of the woman’s influence, strength and abilities as the co-creators of all nations has also been deeply clarified and embraced through her personal trials and struggles on the path of embracing her authentic Self. Nada strives to teach women about gaining personal strength through self -empowerment. She is currently completing her first book and also the Founder/Guide of The Temple of She healing arts practice.