The art of strength

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Hello, my name is Joshua Monson. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada where I’m training to compete in physique bodybuilding.

Fitness has always been a staple of happiness in my life. As a child I played almost every sport available to me. At age sixteen I won my first national title in BMX racing. I planned on making a career in the sport, but in late 2011 that all changed. Seemingly out of the nowhere I was hospitalized with fever, and extreme lower back and miscellaneous joint pain.

I was in and out of hospitals for the next six months with no answers and a quickly deteriorating physical and mental state of being. The simple act of walking was unbearable at times, and I was quickly losing hope. Then in late February my doctors gave me the worst news yet. With no answer as to what was causing this affliction, my doctors started to lose hope for me as well. They told me it was a very real possibility I would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

My first reaction was heartbreak. It seemed as if all hope was lost. Then there was the second reaction, anger; the thought of never walking again filled me with a boiling resentment for everything and everyone around me. I let these horrific emotions tear away at me until it felt as if I had nothing left to live for. Then there was the third reaction, determination; I channeled all of my anger and resentment into a sense of determination so strong I knew it could not be broken. I decided from that point on that no matter how much pain I felt, no matter what the doctors told me, and no matter what doubts I had I would take control of my body, and my life. I’ve never looked back.

Two and a half years later here I am. I went from a frail six foot hundred and thirty-five pound patient, to a strong two hundred and five pound athlete. I still feel pain throughout my entire body everyday, but I pay it no mind. I train in bodybuilding, participate in powerlifting, and study the martial arts.

Fitness saved my life, and I hope that through my writing I can help with improving yours.

Josh Monson

About Josh Monson

Josh Monson has been very active throughout his life and planned on a promising career in BMX biking until he suddenly came down with a mysterious sickness that quickly deteriorated his strength. He has spent the last 2.5 years rebuilding his strength from 130 pounds and bound to a wheelchair to a 205 pound athlete and trainer. Josh currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.