Operation Change: Donate to a good cause

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One of the shirts designed by Operation Change Starts With Us

One of the shirts available from Operation Change

By Calvin Newton Jr.

“Operation change” was designed to assist individuals or families in need each month. This was created with the concept in mind, “When we fall down, as a community sometimes we need to lift each other back up.” Each month, “A Change Starts With Us” will be aiding the needy in a variety of ways such as: giving clothing, food, house appliances, helping with small bills, etc. This operation will be funded through community and personal donations.

“A Change Starts With Us” Tee-Shirts can be purchased for $20, and proceeds will go towards the funding of “Operation Change”. To purchase a shirt, email with the headliner “Shirts”. Each purchased shirt is truly appreciated.

For all questions and concerns, feel free to email achangestartswithus@gmail.com or contact Calving Newton Jr. The operation all accepts any new or slightly used items; as well as monetary donations. Monetary donation can be accepted through PayPal: achangestartswithus@gmail.com

Calvin Newton Jr.

About Calvin Newton Jr.

Humble, dedicated, passionate, community activist….These are just a few on the list to describe Calvin Newton Jr. Making a change in the community is what he has dedicated most of his time too; as well as being a great husband and father. At a young age, Calvin has made positive steps towards making a difference by working with troubled youth, as well as kids/adults with developmental disabilities. He is currently enrolled in Miller Motte College to receive a degree in Criminal Justice, in hopes to continue his journey in making a difference. Calvin is the founder of the organization “A Change Starts With Us”. This organization focuses on deterring the crime, drug, dropout rates, and other negative aspects of youth hood in our communities. These changes will be made by coordinating positive events for the youth, helping out struggling families/kids, and later mentoring. Info. Email: achangestartswithus@gmail.com PayPal: achangestartswithus@gmail.com Facebook: /calvin.newton.7 Twitter: @theofficialcal