New York Fashion Week: Tommy Hilfiger goes ski chic

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Snuggie chic at Tommy Hilfiger.

Snuggie chic at Tommy Hilfiger.

Maybe Tommy Hilfiger has his sights set on designing for the 2018 winter games in South Korea.

The weeks-old snow and ice outside the Park Avenue Armory on Monday morning may have been frightful, but inside, Hilfiger created something darn delightful: An Edenic winter of snow-sugared pines, a ’60s-era chairlift and a perfectly rustic chalet. Multicolored skis poked out of the “snow.” Boulders bedecked the plank-lined paths.

And the models schussed by, in knit hats and “citified” (as per the press materials) hiking boots — alpine-friendly footwear, save for that wedge heel — and bare legs. (IsPyeongchang as warm as Sochi?) Cozy cable-knit ponchos and Fair Isle-ish sweater dresses took the collection back to a ’70s lodge in the Adirondacks.

Hilfiger’s signature plaid was ubiquitous: on shirts, skirts, shirt dresses and satchels. But it was most fun as formalwear, spread out on fringed red and navy mohair blankets that were stitched into strappy gowns and paired with cutoff cowboy boots. The look? Red-carpet Snuggie.

Courtesy of USA Today

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