National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, Inc holds 75th annual conference & exposition

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Elleanor Davis Starks, Executive Director & COO of 100 Black women of Funeral Service

By Deborah Culp

National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, Inc Holds 75th Annual Conference & Exposition

August 5-9, 2012 – The Fabulous Mirage Casino & Hotel – Las Vegas, Nevada

This year the National Association of Funeral Directors and Morticians, Inc.  (NFDMA) marks 75 years of seamless service to the community and will host industry professionals from across the USA and beyond! Themed the “Diamond Jubilee” the 2012 distinguished Honoree’s has over a half a century in the funeral profession. These “rare gems” have successfully cornered the proverbial market, by combining drive, dedication, the milk of human kindness and hard earned experience. Which alone has allowed them to serve countless families in need, over the years.

The 100 Black Women of Funeral Service are sponsoring the “Living Legends of Funeral Service Recognition Awards Breakfast & VIP Reception Event” on Wednesday, August 8th. This prestigious and memorable event is being hailed as “The Living Legends of Funeral Service Day.” The breakfast is buffet style from 7:30am-9:30am. The “Living Legends Reception and Entertainment” takes center stage at 5:00pm until 7:30pm and attendees are encouraged to wear their Black outfits, with a hint of “Fire Engine Red!” All in fun and in good taste of course –Living Legends making a difference by paving the way. Cost $60.00 per person and Reserved Tables are in advance only.

This year’s Honorees are: Howard B .Johnson of Birmingham/Bessemer, AL., Johnson Memorial Funeral Directors. Solon Anthony of West Memphis, AK., Anthony Funeral Home, W. Memphis, AK., Arzella and Fred Valentine of Pasadena, CA.,Woods-Valentine Funeral Home, Pasadena, A. Arthur Thompson of Oakland, CA., Thompson Funeral Home, Oakland,CA. Charles A. Jones of Palo Alto, CA., Jones Mortuary, Palo Alto, CA. Albert L. Tillman of Riverside, CA., Tillman Riverside Mortuary. Curtis Simpson of Inglewood, CA., Simpson Family Mortuary: 5 CA. Areas. Alyosia Fouche of Oakland, CA., Fouche-Hudson Funeral Home, Oakland, CA. (Mrs.) Jonnye Charlow Butler of Plant City, Fl., Charlow Funeral Home, Plant City, Fl. Alfonso M. Richardson of Miami, FL.,Alfonso Richardson Funeral Service, Miami Gardens, Fl.

James M.Tucker of Decatur, GA., Haugabrooks Funeral Home, Atlanta, GA. Bettye Hutchings of Macon, GA. Hutchings Funeral Home, Macon, GA.  Benjamin “Ben” Hatcher of Thomasville, GA., Hatcher-Peoples Funeral Home, Thomasville, GA. Bernard Slaughter of Chicago, IL, Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home, Chicago, IL. Vernon L. Wallace of Broadview, IL., Wallace Broadview Funeral Homes, Broadview, IL. Herbert C. Barker of Chicago, IL.,Barker’s Mortuary, Chicago. IL. Jeraldine Moseley McCall of Chicago, IL.,Paradise Garden Funeral Home, Chicago, IL. Blossom Morgan of Versailles, KY.,Morgan Funeral Home, Versailles,KY. Estelle J. Wilson of New Orleans, LA, Estelle J. Wilson Funeral Home, New Orleans, LA. Louis Charbonnet of New Orleans, LA., Charbonnet-Labat-Glapion Funeral Homes, New Orleans, LA. Marshall Jones of Baltimore,MD.,Marshall-Jones Funeral Service, Baltimore,MD.

*Deceased prior to the event but nominated by the committee: **Dr. Joseph L. Russ of Baltimore, MD., Joseph L. Russ Funeral Home and **Rosa C. Jones of Baltimore, MD., March Funeral Homes, Baltimore, MD.  John Anderson, Sr. of Detroit, MI., McFall Brothers Funeral Home, Detroit, MI. Dr. Raymond E. Cantrell, Sr. of

Detroit, MI., Cantrell Funeral Home, Detroit, MI. *Deceased prior to the event but nominated by the committee: **James Fritz of Detroit, MI., Fritz Funeral Home, Detroit, MI. and **Harold D. Murdock of Detroit, MI., Murdock Funeral Home, Detroit, MI. Ulpian P. Sims of Meridian, MS., Berry & Garner

Funeral Homes, Meridian, MS. & Geraldine Trotter of Meridian, MS., Berry & Garner Funeral Homes, Quitman, MS. James E. Churchman, Jr. of Newark, NJ.,James E. Churchman, Jr. Funeral Home, Newark, NJ.

Theodore “Teddy” Lee of White Plains, NY., Lee’s Funeral Home , LLC., White Plains, NY.  J.C. (John) “Skeepie” Scarborough of Durham, NC., Scarborough and Hargett Funeral Home, Durham, NC. Julia G. Ray of Ashville, NC., Ray and Allen Funeral Service, Ashville, NC., William F. Boyd, Sr. of Cleveland, OH., E.F. Boyd and Son Funeral Home and Cremation Service: 3, Cleveland, OH. Edward Strowder of Cleveland, OH., Strowder Funeral Chapel, Cleveland, OH. T.R.”Ted”Ragsdale of Muskogee, OK., Ragsdale Funeral Center, Muskogee, OK. Robert G. Walker of Philadelphia, PA., Robert Walker Funeral Home, Philadelphia, PA. James Tunie of Homestead/Pittsburgh, PA.,Tunie Funeral Home, Homestead, PA.*Deceased prior to the event but nominated by the committee: **Paul Terry of Philadelphia, PA.,Terry Funeral Home, Philadelphia, PA.

The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas where the NFDMA 75th Annual Convention is taking place

Reverend/Dr. Vandroth Backus of Florence, SC.,Backus Funeral Home, Florence, SC. Fred D. Garret, Sr. of Greenville, SC., Watkins-Garret-Woods Mortuary, Greenville,SC. Marion Beasley of Fountain Inn,SC., Beasley Funeral Home, Fountain Inn, SC. John W. Ramseur of Rock Hill, SC., Robinson Funeral Home of Rock Hill, SC. The honorable Herbert U.Fielding of Charleston, SC., Fielding Home for Funerals-3: Charleston, SC. & Judge Bernard Fielding of Charleston, SC., Fielding Home for Funerals-3: Charleston, SC.

John P. Franklin, Sr. of Chattanooga, TN., John P. Franklin Funeral Home, Chattanooga, TN. *Deceased prior to event but nominated by the committee: **Robert Lewis of Memphis, TN.,Lewis Funeral Homes, Memphis, TN. Charles Warford of Amarillo, TX.,Warford-Walker Mortuary, Inc. Donald Taft of Beaumont, TX., Mercy Funeral Home, Beaumont, TX. John W. Beckwith, Sr. of Dallas, TX., Lotts Mortuary, Dallas, TX. Emanuel Pruitt of Dallas, TX.,Black and Clark Funeral Home, Dallas, TX., Robert Dorsey of Waco, TX., 5-Dorsey-Keatts Funeral Homes. (Mrs.) Alston Godwin of Cape Charles, VA.,Grey’s Funeral Home, Cape Charles, VA. & Thomas G. Godwin of Cape Charles, VA., also Gray’s Funeral Home, Cape Charles, VA.  Joseph A. Walton of Virginia Beach, VA., Walton Funeral Home, Virginia Beach, VA. And Brenda Campbell of Kilmarnock, VA., Campbell Funeral home of Kilmarnock, Virginia.

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Deborah A. Culp ( Contributing Writer)

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