How to live an integrated and energized life

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Dr, Jason Littleton, MD

Dr, Jason Littleton, MD

By Dr. Jason Littleton, MD – Health Columnist

Living healthy is really an innate desire we all have, but for some, it may at times seem out of reach.  Others may be bogged down by the wealth of health information available nowadays.  Or you may already have a plan of action and have just reached a plateau.  I understand.  So to help with this and to enhance those who’s health is running on all cylinders, I want to briefly discuss a simple plan to help anyone’s life be one that is simplified, integrated, and most importantly, energized!

An easy way to begin is by using an acronym I developed called M.E.D.S, which stands for Move, Eat, Drink, Sleep.  This Rx is your key to living an elite integrated healthy life!  Here are few ideas to incorporate in your new health Rx!

1) Move

Movement is essential to life to ensure strong bones, strong muscles, and a strong heart!  One of my favorite recommendations to share with people is how they can integrate their beloved sport with their overall fitness and health.  For example, I am an avid golfer.  My close friends know I dream of ways I can escape to the golf coarse, play and be competitive.  Well, in my case, I like to use golfing as my motivator to stay in shape, eat right, and feel my best so I can keep a competitive edge.

You can do the same.  If you like to run, then consider entering a marathon or running with friends.  Or you can simply work on beating your best time.  Whatever it is, challenge yourself because without the challenge, you cannot improve and be your best—you’ll plateau and be unmotivated!

But what if you don’t have a sport that you love?  Than experiment! Try different sporting activities.  Learn something new about yourself!  This keeps life interesting! Consider, going to your local gym, YMCA, or sports club and see what get’s your body moving!  Whatever you chose, be sure to connect your sporting activity with your health and life!  Make your activities relevant!

2) Eat

Eating is a favorite pastime of mine.  I love to eat!  I’m sure you do too!  One of my secrets that I love to share is the importance of snacks throughout the day.  Healthy snacking is the key and integrating them between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and dinner and bedtime is paramount to maximizing your energy, keeping your blood sugars even-keeled, and naturally treating your body for better health!

But the key is incorporating SuperFoods into your life.  Foods like leafy greens and blueberries, green tea and flaxseed oil.  Other foods that I encourage people to try are items such as soy, shiitake mushrooms, almonds, Kiwi, raspberries, and wheatgrass juice!  This is just a list of SuperFood ideas to try, foods that will provide energy as well as boost your immune system, detoxify, and provide excellent antioxidants.  Try them!

An easy way to start is incorporating SuperFoods, is with a fruit/nut combination of blueberries and almonds and eating them between meals.   Be creative!

3) Drink

Taking in good fluids is vital to life.  Integrating them better is more often the challenge than not.  We all know we need to drink water but often don’t.  Or we do drink water but in excess.  There’s a balance.

Consider drinking on average 1.5 to 2 L of fluid a day, a combination of water and organic juices.  If you have medical conditions, such as renal or heart failure, drinking less fluid is pertinent to avoid fluid retention and improper functioning of your organs.

It’s best to drink water (a solvent) in-between meals so it does not dilute your food (a solute).  You’ll have better digestion this way and incorporate more essential nutrients and minerals that your body works on extracting by the digestion process.  With your meals, consider drinking organic juices.   Though juice has water in it, your body will treat orange juice, for example, as a solute or food, and instead see the orange juice as an orange for it to chemically breakdown.  This means more energy and health for you!

Try different healthy fruit juices that will boost your life.  If you have a juicer—use it!  Let your juice be a natural medicine to enrich and support your health!

4) Sleep

Restoration is a must.  I work with clients who either get too little sleep or don’t want to sleep much at all.  The former, are the clientele that often seek medical attention for a remedy to get their energy back.

Sleeping is essential to life.  I have written much about this topic in my book ‘WellSpring: The Energy Secrets To Do The Good Life’ (available in soft cover and audio/tablet download at  Here, I just want to give you a couple of pointers.

Most patients and clients I talk to have difficulty sleeping because of racing thoughts.  I get it.  We’ve all had them.  And I don’t mean to make light of this subject, because this is a concern for a lot of people, but what I’ve found, is that they don’t go away unless you deal with them.  Some of these thoughts are concerns that we have often left to linger.  We need to face them down!  Whether during our day or before we go to bed, dealing with our thoughts is important to maintain a healthy cognitive life.  Even if we do not have the answer, write the possible solutions in a journal!  Recording works and is proven to be therapy for sleeping disorders, as well as many health conditions.  But just being proactive towards our thoughts, in this manner, can buy us Z’s to get more restorative sleep.

Another tip I love to tell people is to kick the T.V. out of the bedroom!  Don’t let your favorite news station, comedian on late night, or movie go to sleep with you.  Because guess what?  They don’t want to sleep!  They want to stay up! Instead, make your bedroom a sanctuary for rest and intimacy and you’ll find that every time you step foot in your room, you won’t be thinking of your favorite television show, you’ll be thinking restorative thoughts!

Friends, integrate these tips into your life!  Consider it!  It’s a healthy simple framework that you can apply to any health plan that you may be on or are considering to start!  This is an integral way to have a healthier life and more energy to accomplish your dreams!

For more health information and tips, go to and follow me on Twitter (@DrJasonMD), Instagram (@DrJasonMD), Facebook (DrJason Littleton), and my other social media platforms.  See you soon!

Dr. Jason Littleton, MD - Health Columnist

About Dr. Jason Littleton, MD - Health Columnist

Jason Littleton, MD, is a family physician, human energy expert, author, CEO of WellSpring Human Energetics, and renowned speaker who helps people to achieve their life’s goals through healthy, energized living. As a medical doctor, his passion is to optimize your life by maximizing your energy through healthy living to do the good life—your life! He is a graduate of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, where he received his doctorate of medicine, and he holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Michigan.