Healing powers of precious stones

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With the wild success of Nialaya’s flagship store opening on Melrose Avenue Jannik is off to conquer the Orient visiting Bangkok then Hong Kong before coming back to work here in LA. Nialaya has long been a celebrity FAV  www.nialaya.com/shop/shop-celeb/with the addition of necklaces we must cross check with Santa’s list on who’s been “Naughty or Nice” in 2011.

Nialaya has always realized the importance of and the healing power of precious stones, metals and the in the belief of iconic pendants www.nialaya.com/shop/shop-by-beads-list/. Here are a FEW of my FAV’s along with some very famous choices for you to decide, “NAUGHTY or NICE” ! Let’s ask Nialaya @customerservice@nialaya.com HAPPY 2012, I hope all your dreams come true !!

TURQUOISEThis is the truth stone and a stone of self realization, helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. It protects and detoxes the body. Strengthens and calms the mind. Brings wisdom.

James MacLean

About James MacLean

Inspirational, accomplished and passionate. Those are just a few words to describe luxury marketing guru James MacLean, who has transformed the celebrity product placement industry through events such as GRAMMY’S /Latin Grammy's, Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, American Country Music Awards, Golden Globes, Spike TV Video Game Awards, BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Sundance Film Festival and Grand Prix Monaco. He continues to set the pace and raise the bar in only the most glamorous settings around the globe.