God’s timing

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Hands of God ImageSome say and believe that ‘timing is everything.’ Being in the right place at the right time or running into the right person at the right time can change your destiny. Some things need the right amount of time to process properly and acting prematurely could be detrimental. We need a sense of whether we are waiting long enough or waiting too long.

We are fixated with time. If I told you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, would you believe me? It is very likely that you would not. Most people feel like they are behind where they need to be or should be. Rarely, you may find the person who feels like they are too far ahead of schedule on their five or ten year life plan. Time is important to us. We all think we should have accomplished ‘more’ by now.

If we could just line up our timing with God’s timing, then maybe we could insure our success. I have not been able to master such a thing. My timing always seems to be off, sometimes slightly, others times terribly.

No matter how I try to work on having more patience, I still find myself asking sometimes, “When God, when?”

I generally like to plan ahead. I like to have my ducks all in a row as far in advance as possible. Sometimes I cannot get all of my ducks in a timely manner, or at least what I deem to be timely. Sometimes my last duck arrives at the very last millisecond.

I think God has a sense of humor. He sees me waiting and squirming, anxious and antsy, yet He continues at the pace He chooses no matter how much I try to speed Him along. Even when I try not to rush Him, I still get a little nervous when He takes too long. Sometimes I get tired of waiting and I step in to do my very own thing. When I do this, I manage to screw up and waste even more time. It’s like pulling a caterpillar out of the cocoon too soon and its wings are disfigured.

On the other end, sometimes God moves too fast. Sometimes I’m not ready and things come along for me to deal with. I have to shift my gears in order to keep up or catch up with what God is doing. Sometimes, ready or not, I have to get on board or get left behind.

In any case, whether God rushes me or makes me wait, I am thankful. In retrospect, there are some things that I’m glad didn’t happen based on my timing. The delays gave me more time to watch, learn and gain wisdom. I’m also glad for the times when God pushed me ahead, otherwise procrastination would have stagnated me.

The mismatch in timing can be unnerving and frustrating, but we must learn to trust it. If we don’t, life will be full of aggravation, restlessness and discontentment. If we can learn to wait for God and keep up with Him, we can experience more joy and peace in the long run. He has our best interest at heart, even when we think He is being inconsiderate or negligent of our feelings.

God does not see time the way we do. He gives us time as a way of measuring our days and progress. Time gives us perspective on accomplishments, baselines and history. God is in a different realm where a one day with Him is as a thousand years (2 Peter 3.8). ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my [God] ways higher than your ways, and my [God] thoughts than your thoughts’ (Isaiah 55:9).

Whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not, one thing we ‘MUST’ do is ‘TRUST GOD’S TIMING.’ He is the Creator Who made heaven and earth. He created us and without Him we are helplessly nothing. I think it’s safe to say that God is smarter and wiser than us. Truly, Father knows best, even though we think we do. Dottie Peoples sang it best: “He’s an ‘on time’ God, yes He is… He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always right on time…”


Janine Folks - Spiritual Columnist

About Janine Folks - Spiritual Columnist

Janine Folks is a licensed and ordained minister, inspirational writer of a weekly newspaper column, columnist for a national Christian magazine, self-published author of several books, and co-founder of a women’s prayer group called Women of Transition. Janine holds a B. A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Business, Sociology and Communications from the University of Michigan. Janine has studied Clinical Pastoral Education in Detroit, MI and works as a chaplain in the medical field. An avid roller skater, 2013 recipient of a Spirit of Esther Award from the Alliance of Women in Ministry, Janine lives in Michigan is a mother of three.