Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and ‘Shark Tank’ judge, on the challenge of selling her home

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Courtesy of Stylelist Home. Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran finds herself in a reversed role as she puts her own home on the market.

Barbara Corcoran’s home

Corcoran, who has lived in Pawling, New York for 35 years and has looked to real estate extraordinaire Gillian Stewart to sell it. The current listing price for the 2,656 ft. home is $545,000. The beautiful estate, which originally was an old schoolhouse, has four bedrooms, three baths and two fireplaces.

But just because Corcoran is one of the industry’s leading experts (having built the multi-million dollar real estate firm The Corcoran Group from the ground-up), doesn’t mean the process is any easier.

As she tells NBC’s the “Today” show, Corcoran describes the move emotionally: “What makes the parting so sad is, [this house] represents my kids, my garden, everything great that has happened in my life so far. It’s really hard to say goodbye to something you love.”


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