A Pioneer for Excellence

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If you’re ever asked, “Who Versandra Jewel Kennabrew is, an easy answer could be, “She is a pioneer for excellence.” She is currently based in Michigan but operates on a national and international level.  Ms. Kennabrew is the Founder and Social Media Strategist for the Social Media Made Easy Detroit (online) group – socialmedialovers@groups.facebook.com. The group helps Entrepreneurs, Authors, Infoprenuers and other business people, upgrade their technology and social media, to enhance and increase global sales.                            

But it does not stop there by any means. Ms. Kennabrew is a Life Enrichment Coordinator and Massage Therapist, at the VKI Art of Touch Studio. (Versandra Kennabrew International) Where she provides experienced and effective therapeutic massage techniques, personal development and holistic life coaching to her clients. She is a Guest Sales Associate at the noted Detroit Institute of Arts. Assisting visitors with seeing art education and cultural awareness as a vital part of the human experience. Jewel is also a PartyLite Team Developer and an award winning Author to boot!

Her first book “Thank God for The Shelter-Memoirs of a Homeless Healer” is a real life account of her personal experiences and more.

The recently released page turning book; “The Art of Reinventing You – Ignite your Imagination” goes beyond the call of duty with taking it up a notch. Both book can be found online and have Face book, Twitter and other social media insight capabilities too. ( Bound to be another bestseller)

Successful Businesswoman, Author, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Community Leader and friend too many, Jewel Versandra Kennabrew was once homeless, but not helpless, as her online autobiography will explain. This trailblazing success warrior didn’t let her life changes and circumstances forever victimize her. “She rose above it all” and now helping countless others to do the same.

This powerful woman did not look for a “hand out”, but rather a “hand up.” Through the various entities that have been aforementioned, Ms. Kennabrew’s line of assistance is definitely on the rise and steadily climbing.  Interested in learning more? You can find an intriguingly captivating, well rounded account of it all, via Ms. Jewel Versandra Kennabrew’s Blog: www.thankgodfortheshelter.com

Deborah A. Culp (TPEPost.com Contributing Writer)

About Deborah A. Culp (TPEPost.com Contributing Writer)

Deborah A. Culp is a Freelance Journalist & Consultant with over 20 years of hard earned experience in the business. This includes Print & Broadcast Media. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she now lives in Wilmington, NC. She is a Correspondent to Divine Caroline, TPEPost News, The History of Jazz Music, and For ColoredGurls and formerly with the Wilmington Star News Online. Deborah recently became the Parent & Family Expert for the Examiner.com, Wilmington/Fayetteville, and NC. Still operating as a Freelance Writer/Photographer. She is working on her first book; “Then there was laughter” and has a few business endeavor irons in the fire. She is a staunch volunteer and loves her family & friends.