The Black Advantage

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To whom it may concern,

The great city of Detroit is populated by African Americans; as the majority. Our economy has been hit tremendously that has left some speechless and penniless. Business as we knew is no longer. Due to social media, mobile devices and the power of the Internet we have lost our traditional consumers. However, we still have the Black Advantage.

The Black Advantage is not new. It’s just has to be redefined. Brick and mortar businesses have fell at alarming rates – TIME TO REBUILD. We as African Americans have to learn how to bring traffic back into our businesses. Innovation is the birth to something new and costumers like ‘new’. We are still the #1 consumers in America. Now is the time to get back in the race of entrepreneurship.

Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th come join PR, Financial, Media, Marketing and Sales Gurus give you advice, consultation and more. This event will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites located Downtown Detroit.  On these days, questions will be answered. Bring your notepads, tablets or laptops and be ready to absorb the minds of greatness. We welcome religious groups, attorneys, doctors, retailers, restaurant owners, hospitality managers, radio, television, etc to learn how to reach your target market.

For sponsorship,  advertisement and/or vendor space call 313.454.1822. Registration begins at $47 until Sept 6th. Packages are available.

Please note:

The Black Advantage does not restrict nor show prejudice to other race, color or creeds. Although, we understand that it is an urgency to give Black Business the same opportunities and resources to compete in today’s society.

Sincerely Yours,

Miles Dixon

Marketing Director



There are opportunities for you to benefit through participating in sponsorship and/or advertisement with the following:


Event Bags

Event Banner



Note Pads

Main Entrance


Event Brochures

And more items to be announced


Please feel free to contact:

Miles Dixon

(O) 313.961.0961 – Ext 103

(D) 313.451.4483



$100.00 Support Package
5K 4×6 – Flyers (Logo Placement)
50 Posters (Logo Placement)

Flyers (Logo Placement) PRINT ADS
$250.00 – Chrome Package
5K 4×6 – Flyers (Logo Placement)

Flyers (Logo Placement) PRINT ADS
50 Posters (Logo Placement)
25 FB Blast
25 Tweets Hits

Logo on Conference Bags

Bag Stuffer

$600.00 – Bronze Package
10K 4×6 – Flyers (Logo Placement)

Flyers (Logo Placement) PRINT ADS
100 Posters (Logo Placement)
75 Single – FB Blast
75 Single – Tweet Hits
Web Banner with Link

T-Shirt  – Logo Placement

Logo on Conference Bags

Bag Stuffer

White Bronze – Commemorative Coin

$1,000.00 – Silver Package
20K 4×6 – Flyers (Logo Placement)

Flyers (Logo Placement) PRINT ADS
100 Posters (Logo Placement)
100 Single – Posters
50 Single – 30sec Commercials on 102.7 / 105.9
125 Single – FB Blast
125 Single – Tweet Hits
Header banner
Web Banner with Link rotator

T-Shirt  – Logo Placement

Logo on Conference Bags

Bag Stuffer
Logo Place on Run/Step Banner

Silver – Commemorative Coin



  • LOGO PLACEMENT (FLYERS)          $85                  5K
  • LOGO PLACEMENT (POSTER)         $50                  Per 50
  • LOGO PLACEMENT (S/R – B)           $150
  • Web Banner with Link rotator            $200
  • Bag Stuffer                                         $375
  • Silver – Commemorative Coin            $125
  • Bronze – Commemorative Coin          $80
  • T-Shirt  – Logo Placement                               $100








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