Mitochondrial biology conference (The mitochondrial conundrum: When testing does not lead to a diagnosis)

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Presented by:

Seattle Children’s Research Institute and the
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
with the Mitochondrial Research Guild

The study of mitochondrial disease is a relatively new field of medicine. Diagnosis improves daily, while new discoveries unravel the mysteries of these devastating diseases. However, diagnosis is still complex and often elusive for families who must navigate between multiple caregivers in search of help and hope.

The Mitochondrial Disease Conference will bring together renowned leaders in the field of mitochondrial disease research and patient care. Discussion will focus on the complexities of diagnosing mitochondrial disease, with emphasis on the application of state of the art technologies that can aid in accurate identification of these diseases.

Come join us and add your voice as we explore the next generation of patient care, research and diagnosis.Parents, researchers and clinicians are all encouraged to join us as we explore the next generation of patient care, research and diagnosis.

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Please note: We are pleased to offer an additional meeting opportunity for patients and families on
Saturday morning on August 25th. Details are available on the conference web site.

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