Marlboro Adams is back

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A friend of mine once told me that we each have our own soundtrack for our lives that is continuously changing. Certain songs speak to us through rough times, the smiles, the heartaches, loss, hope… and they can be used to help us cope through any situation… good or bad. I can say that there are many songs that I relate more to than others, and though my choice of music seems to change on a day to day basis, I do know one thing… there is only one band in the world that I would want to be singing all the lyrics on my own personal soundtrack… and that band’s name is Marlboro Adams.


Andy Barrett, Doug Allam, Matt Baehr, Dave Distasio, Mitch Wilde

On March 23rd, 2012, Marlboro Adams partnered with Matrix Human Services and played the Amp It Up Event at The Detroit Pub in Greektown, Michigan. There, they collected musical instruments as well as donations for an after school music program designed to help children learn more about music, including how to play instruments. This was a great success and the band is still accepting any instruments and donations for this cause at all their shows.

Dave Distasio, Michelle Elizabeth Hendry, Doug Allam


After playing together for over five years, the boys will be playing their 100th show on August 25th at Mr. B’s in Clarkston, Michigan. With a variety of music genres and songs, there is guaranteed to be something everyone will enjoy, from the music to the atmosphere… and don’t forget the entertainment. No matter where the location, these guys put on a show and frequently join their fans out on the dance floor… making for every show to be unique and enjoyable.

Dave Distasio, Andy Barrett, Doug Allam, Matt Baehr, Joey Vegas



July 7th- Mr. B’s in Clarkston, MI at 10pm
July 14th- Shorty’s in Waterford, MI at 10pm
August 11th- Shorty’s in Waterford, MI at 10pm
August 25th- Mr. B’s in Clarkston, MI at 10pm

Tina Bishop

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