Why did ABC really cancel One Life to Live?

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           Courtesy of The Examiner:

What Is Wrong With ABC, A Question Being

Asked As “OLTL” Airs Final Shows

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, ABC Examiner

Okay, they say it is about money. Haven’t they heard of cutting budgets? From The reports, I have read, “One Life To Live,” has actually been under-budget. They say they have no audience. That doesn’t fly with me either. I know too many people who are watching this show. Check the real numbers on Facebook and talk to the real fans. They can’t tell me it is the writing.

I have been watching “One Life To Live” since I was a teenager. I admit it; I use to like “General Hospital,” better. But that was in the past. For the past few years, the writing for “One Life To Live,” has gotten so much better. The storylines have stayed interesting all the time. There is the show I have wanted to see daily.

Then what does ABC do? They cancel this great show.            

I was sad when they cancelled “All My Children.” But when they cancelled “One Life to Live,” I was stunned. Do they not even look at their own ratings? “One Life To Live” has continually stayed at number three, beating “General Hospital” almost every week for the past year. This shows that someone, besides me is watching.


Yet, ABC cancels the shows. The fans got angry and the fans tried to find a home for this beloved show. The fans are still trying to find this home. Meanwhile, the people at “One Life to Live,” continue to do what they do best. They write the best stories they can imagine and the actors put on the best shows they can.

These final days are showing just how great these writers and actors are. The fans are hanging onto every word and every scene, as the jailbreak storyline begins and continues. Who will be shot? Who will die?

The fans will shed some tears along with the characters as we watch the story unfold. As we watch, we will be screaming in our heads:  “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ABC?”

If you want, to express your thoughts and if you want to read about how ABC is denying Agnes Nixion to the rights to the shows she created, (“One Life to Live” and “All My Children” please head on over to this article and leave a comment. Voice your thoughts on this issue, all over the internet. Our voices need to be heard, especially now) click the following link:  http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-725870.

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