Stars and Soapers Working Together to Find a Home for ‘One Life to Live

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Courtesy of Yahoo News:

If you love “One Life to Live” and you want to see it, as well as possibly “All My Children,” find a new home, then you must first answer this simple question: Would you be willing to pay a small subscription fee to watch these shows? If the answer is yes, then you should sign up for this Facebook group: “I would pay a network/cable/satellite provider to save my soaps!

The goal behind this group is a simple one: to have a site where soap opera fans can be counted. These are also fans who may be willing to pay a small fee, say $10 or so a month, if it came down to that to watch these canceled soaps.

Why do the fans need a place to count other fans? They need this place to help Tonja Walker, the beloved “One Life to Live” actress who has played Alex Olanov over the years. She is trying to save these shows. She is contacting people now who may be willing to finance the production and help find a way to air these shows. However, nobody will be willing to finance the shows without proof of the numbers of the real fans watching.

The current rating system does not give a clear view of everybody who watches these shows. They don’t include those who are recording them every day via DVRs, and even through old fashioned VCRs. These viewers need to be counted. They also aren’t adding the numbers of fans who are also watching the shows via Soapnet every night.

Once these shows no longer air on Soapnet, the fans will follow the shows wherever they are broadcast. This is why these shows can be profitable in a really smart business person’s hands.

Will Tonja Walker be able to help to get these shows on the air? The soapers are hoping so. For now, they are helping her to get more people to join the Facebook group. They want to show any and all investors that there is a bigger following for these shows than the ratings themselves are showing. They want the investors to also see that they are willing to do their part in helping to make the shows a success. This would include purchasing any products that could help their cause.

Would you be willing to pay a small fee to continue to watch “One Life to Live” or “All My Children”? Then go to this site: “I would pay a network/cable/satellite provider to save my soaps,” “like” the group, and instantly become a member. You can also spread the word among your friends and family. Will it make a difference in the fight to save the soaps? Time will tell.

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