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I have never anticipated a nonreality show as much as I have the new NBC series SMASH. It starts tonight at 10 pm and my only objection is that it is opposite CASTLE but that is what DVRs are for.

SMASH stars one of my favorite actresses Debra Messing who I loved in Will and Grace and from American Idol Katherine McPhee (she finished second in season five).  I am sure people will compare it to Glee which aside from the music couldn’t be more different.

SMASH is about the creation of a new Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe and Katherine plays an aspiring actress trying to get the part but she is up against Megan Hilty.   Angelica Houston also stars on this show.

I would love to hear your impressions on this show and look forward to watching it every week. SMASH looks like it will be event television.


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