Motown mourns Esther Gordy-Edwards

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Michael Jackson, Esther Gordy and Stevie Wonder in Detroit in front of "Hitsville USA"

A legend in the Motown family has passed away.

While most of us know the name Berry Gordy, unless your from Detroit, or involved in the music business, Esther Gordy Edwards, may not be as well-known.  She is the sister of the Motown Records founder, and she passed away last week.

“I was lucky to have gotten to know her a little in the mid 80s,” said TPE Post Publisher, Trish Brown.  “We were looking at buying the larger Motown facility off of I-75 in Detroit, and most of the negotiations were handled by her. She was a very kind woman to work with. The music industry, and the Metro Detroit area were blessed with all she did. She was a true pioneer.”

Edwards-Gordy, 91, was responsible for the Museum that is the original Motown headquarters known as Hitsville, USA.  The museum is located on West Grand Boulevard In downtown Detroit. It is a very big tourist attraction for many who visit the city.

Her visitation started today in Detroit at the James H. Cole Northwest Chapel and was attended by  3 pm approximately 200 friends and family members had already signed the guest book.

As mourners entered the chapel, they could hear the sounds of many Motown greats being played.  Atop her casket were flowers from the Four Tops, The Miracles and her younger brother Berry.

Trish Brown

About Trish Brown

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