Marlboro Adams

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Dave Distasio

Matt Baehr

Marlboro Adams is definitely the band to watch. They create a fun filled atmosphere that will suit you, no matter what kind of music u r in to. They play cover songs ranging from “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye to Enter

Doug Allam

Sandman by Metallica. Band members include singer Matt Baehr, Guitarist Doug Allam, Guitarist Andy Barrett, Bass Mitch Wilde, Drummer Dave Distasio, and on many occasions, sax player Antonio Musse. If you’re looking for a fun filled night, spending a night with the Marlboro Adams is right up your alley… they change it up through their sets, and even join the crowd out on the dance floor. Below, you will see a list of their upcoming shows. They all begin at 10 pm.

Andy Barrett

February 24th – Shorty’s – Waterford, MI March 2nd- CJ’s – Waterford, MI March 9th – Louie’s – Lapeer, MI March 17th – O’Toole’s – Waterford, MI March 23rd – The Detroit Pub : Matrix Benefit – Detroit, MI March 30th – Shorty’s – Waterford, MI

Mitch Wilde

April 14th – Louie’s – Lapeer, MI April 20th – Shorty’s – Waterford, MI April 21st- Mr. B’s – Clarkston, MI

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