Marie Osmond Replacing ‘Martha Stewart Show’: Report

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Courtesy of Huffington Post:


The New York Post reported on Thursday that the Hallmark Channel was in talks with Marie Osmond to air a new daytime talk show hosted by the famed entertainer. Osmond currently has a show in Las Vegas with her brother, Donny Osmond. 

The channel has not confirmed that Osmond’s show will air during the soon-to-be open time slot formerly occupied by “The Martha Stewart Show.”

Earlier this month, Hallmark announced that Stewart’s show would cease production in April 2012 though episodes will continue into September. Osmond’s show, which will include cooking segments and interviews, will reportedly debut in September.

Last week, news surfaced that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. was being sued by Macy’s in an attempt to block a licensing deal between MSLO and J.C. Penny.

News also surfaced earlier this month regarding another MSLO retailer, the Home Depot. The Post reported that the Home Depot was scaling back its sale of Stewart’s branded paint.

MSLO chief Lisa Gersh blasted the Post piece in a memo to MSLO staffers, saying it inaccurately portrayed the company’s relationship with the retailer.

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