LaMonica Garrett is winning the game

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The game photo

The cast of The Game television show on BET

Akil Productions has done it again and BET is all set to premier its 6th season of THE GAME: the hottest urban television series profiling the lives of fictional athletes and their families, and sometimes their red-hot affairs. Get ready for a high-octane, sexy and seductive ride featuring some of Hollywood’s best actors. The cast members you’ve come to love include Wendy Racquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Coby Bell and new-comers Brandy Norwood, Lauren London and Jay Ellis.

Professional sportsman and actor LaMonica Garrett is also taking the journey on THE GAME and proves he can make plays both on the field and screen.  The perfectly-sculpted and chiseled athlete will make his debut with the cast and gives us a glimpse into his new role and upcoming film The Mouthpiece.  He is definitely winning.

You have been quite busy these days.
Yes I have.  Things have been great you know and I am just riding this wave of momentum while I can.

Talk about your new role with The Game.
Yes. I actually play the character of Luke Rogers who’s an actor playing an actor, so that’s a little different.

What was it like working with Wendy, Lauren, Hosea, Brandy and Jay?
It was great.  Everyone was great and it was very high energy. I mostly play alongside Lauren and Jay.  It’s going to be great season.

Everyone did not return to the 6th season.  Did you sense some tension in that regard when casting the episodes?

My role for this season comes a little later down the line so I was not there in the beginning.  I did not experience any tension.  It’s a great time in Atlanta so hanging out with everyone was a good time.

Garret Lamonica

Lamonica Garrett

In your own words, what can viewers expect from this season?  Besides the new cast members, is there anything in terms of story line that really stands out?
You can expect some undermining, some sex scenes and a little bit of nudity.  It’s going to be very high energy.

Young Jeezy and filmmaker John Singleton will make guest performances on the show this season. Can you give viewers just a little insight of what to expect from these two?
I did not get a chance to work with these two, but I did get a chance to work with Rick Fox and Greg Jennings.  You know I am a former athlete and a 49ers fan. My father played football and my brother played football.

What was it like transitioning from sports to acting?
I have always been in entertainment and was always doing things in high school. So I have always been connected to entertainment. I played Slamball and we were going to Europe and I kept that competitive edge and so I had to kind of put my acting on hold. But once I was done with everything, I was really able to commit to it after my sports and it really took off for me pretty quickly.

You are also in post production season for the film The Mouthpiece. Talk about this film and your role. 
Yes, The Mouthpiece.  Me and my buddy Dave Merritt and Jimmy Costas were the producers of this film. And it is like an urban Entourage meets The Hangover.  It is a group of young black professionals for the most part trying to find their way in Los Angeles. LA is just a different beast as far as dating, working and you never know what people’s hidden agendas are.  Just trying to meet people or trying to find love is interesting. And we had our screening two weeks ago at the Supper Club and it was a huge hit.

Is there a huge transition between film and television if so what is it?
Television moves faster whereas in film you have the time to cultivate the character.  There are times in film where you will work the same scene all day or for a couple of days. In television you have to be sharp and faster.  You will shoot four or five scenes per day in television.

The Mouthpiece takes on a different spin in that sometimes it’s usually women who are caught in spirals of love, fame, work and sex.  But this time it’s the men.  What’s the basis of the film?
The movie is based on a book called The Laws and it’s really about how to get what you want.

Speaking of the book The Laws, what are some of your own personal laws for love and dating?
Always be yourself and always find who is right for you and not just the right person in general. Find the one where your flaws and your hang-ups may be a turn-off to some people, but to that one right person it will be everything.  And find someone who gets you and lets you be you.

When does Mouthpiece air and where can it be viewed?
We are working those details out right now. We are also talking about turning it into a web series and so that may be a little bit sooner than the actual film being released. We are going to have it on DVD and we are getting a lot of momentum right now so it will get out to the masses a little bit quicker.

What other projects are you working on?
I have been doing a lot of television lately. It’s pilot season and so I have been testing for a lot of different pilots. Next week I start back on Mike and Molly where I play Holly Robinson Peete’s ex-husband. That’s a great show with a fun cast.  And I did some work on a series called Save Me which is on NBC. So yes, just auditioning, it’s the game out here.

Tune in to the season premier of THE GAME on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 on BET at 10:00 p.m. EST. Stay connected with LaMonica on Facebook and on Twitter @lominicagarrett.

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