Kenny Wesley debuts “Won’t Let It Go” on Fox’s hit show “So You Think You Can Dance”

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Kenny Wesley’s tune “Won’t Let It Go”, produced and co-written by Noah Lifschey, debuted on May 30, 2012, on FOX’s hit dance reality series So You Think You Can Dance. “Won’t Let It Go” was featured during David Matz’s Cyr wheel audition, which is being touted as “one of the most unique auditions in the show’s history.”

Kenny is currently knee-deep in a game-changing album project with L.A.-based producer and musical kindred Noah Lifschey, whose signature cutting-edge sounds are a staple in the TV and music world, ranging from So You Think You Can Dance andAmerica’s Best Dance Crew to the MTV Movie and Music Awards, and various record labels.

Wesley comments, “Noah and I want this album to serve as an authentic alternative to the traditional, watered-down R&B. We come with that fatback. That stank, raw soul music, wrapped in a progressive, modern gift wrap. With that being said, be on the lookout for a Breakout 2012 and beyond for these gentlemen!”

The single is now available for purchase online at,, and will soon be available on iTunes. For more information, visit
About Kenny Wesley
With an acclaimed EP, a dozen collaborations, seven compilation features, ad campaign features (2012 “Supercuts Rock The Cut Artist Ambassador” and 2012 Notion Music’s “You Are Next”), and a slew of high-profile performances under his belt, Kenny Wesley has firmly placed his stamp on the modern Soul movement. He has shared the stage with numerous artists including Anthony David, Kindred, Eric Rob About Noah Lifschey
To balance life in the TV world, Noah also maintains a solid foot in the music business, with a fresh approach and style – in addition to Kenny, recently Noah has been producing and writing for/with Cherri Bomb (Hollywood Records), and Karina Hanssen.
About So You Think You Can Dance
America’s favorite summer series, So You Think You Can Dance, has kept viewers amazed and inspired as talented dancers skilled in everything from Hip Hop, Krumping and Popping to Salsa, Quickstep and Jive compete to be named ‘America’s Favorite Dancer’.

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