Jairemie Alexander – Biography

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By James MacLean

Jairemie Alexander is a singer, songwriter, producer and visionary out of Seattle, Washington. He has achieved critical praise with his music and performances thus far on what is anticipated to be a long fulfilling career. Unlike the manufactured artists of today’s music industry, Jairemie brings forth a genuine, natural sound that is inspiring and artisticly transcending. He’s also a very self-aware lyricist whose lyrical content goes beyond the typical Pop-structure metaphors. Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Prince are just a few of Jairemie’s many influences. An EP entitled ‘Six’ has been released.

Jairemie learned his skills first starting from his Grandmother’s self-awareness through piano playing music and the classic artists from the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s. Mr. Alexander’s years of self-taught talent have given him opportunities to spread the power of his music to charities such as lupus disease, AIDS, Global Sustainability Fundraiser and one of the very important; feeding the starving children of the world through the Dorothy Jane Foundation. Discovering new ways of music making, he is sought to create and change music introducing a new sound.

Currently, Alexander is hard at work on creating a full length album traveling to and from hometown Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, CA with a new sound following an inner city tour all planned for a much anticipated release for early 2013.

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