Jackson Trial: Singer ‘Was Dead’ on Arrival to Hospital

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(Courtesy of The BBC)

Jurors at the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray have been told the singer was clinically dead when he arrived in hospital.

Two emergency room doctors said they tried to resuscitate the pop star because Dr Murray insisted on it, but they believed the efforts were futile.

Prosecutors allege Dr Murray lied to paramedics about Jackson’s health, and covered up his use of propofol.

The doctor pleads not guilty to the charge of involuntary manslaughter.

‘Remote hope’

Dr Thao Nguyen, an emergency room cardiologist, said Conrad Murray “sounded desperate” and “looked devastated” in June 2009.

She said he told her that he had no concept of time, because he did not have a watch.

He was unable to tell hospital staff how much time had passed since Michael Jackson had stopped breathing.

Dr Nguyen said resuscitating the singer was a “remote hope.” He was declared dead after an hour and 13 minutes.

The authorities say the pop star died from an overdose of the powerful sedative propofol, administered at his home.

Dr Nguyen said it was a drug that hospital staff used only with extreme care.


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