Is ABC planning a major merger of One Life to Live and General Hospital?

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Can Ron Carlivati, former head writer at OLTL and now head writer GH, pull off storylines for a huge, mixed cast of both shows?



At a viewing party in Riverside on Friday, fans were reduced to sobs as ABC brought an end to a 40+ year institution with the finale of ABC soap One Life to Live.  Although there was no last-minute reprieve, and Prospect Park’s plans to take the show online failed miserably, have we really seen the last of the town of Llanview?  And should we?

Fair warning, readers.  This article will ask more questions than it answers.  These are confusing times for ABC soap watchers, and the confusion seems to be growing.

It was announced Wednesday that four One Life to Live actors were making their way to the last remaining ABC soap, General Hospital, and not in new roles but as their current OLTL characters.  If the rumors swirling around the internet are to be believed, these aren’t the last Llanview citizens who will be making their way to Port Charles.

Trevor St. John

In fact, the buzz (and remember, these are only rumors at this point) is that ABC has plans to create some type of merger of the two soaps with at least two more characters from OLTL announced as coming on board in the next few days.  Word from RavenBeauty’s Spoiler World is that one will be Trevor St. John.  “Remember the hints I gave you yesterday about the two more on their way to GH from OLTL? Many of you guessed Trevor St John (especially after what I reminded you about today along with the hints from yesterday). I told you again and again that Victor was not dead, Todd did not kill him, and that you would see him again before the show closed (we have come full circle today). Dry those eyes my fellow Trevor St. John fans.. You will have reason to smile here very soon! You heard it here first (get ready)!”

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