Homes of the Stars and How They Did it

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By Jennie Reedy

Opulent celebrity homes differ from average residential domiciles for a number of reasons. Typically, homes found in Hollywood and other parts of the country, or the world, encompass many more square feet. The larger size not only accounts for the size of the home itself but also includes dramatic landscaping. The many outdoor recreational features usually include a built-in swimming pool. The finest woods and marbles comprise some of the common construction materials found in lavish homes. Interior décor often appears spacious and features special lighting along with expensive fabrics and perfect color schemes. Though furnishings may be modest, they are often handmade and represent the best quality available.

James Bond’s Swedish Villa

John Robert Nilsson designed and constructed the perfect Swedish villa getaway for a Hollywood actor known for his role as the secret agent. Located on a rocky peninsula overlooking a scenic lake, at first glance, the property features a simple modular design. The stone outdoor patio has an infinity pool that masks the sheer cliff on the outer rim. A square sunken outdoor lounging area features perimeter light colored sofas and a central, square open fireplace. The home has floor to ceiling glass windows on three sides that reveal a neutral light tan interior with matching furniture and few embellishments. The square, clean lines in the bathroom include light tan marble on the walls and floor contrasted with vanilla painted plaster walls. Clear, glass doors surround the shower and recessed track lighting illuminates the space.

Demi Moore’s Private Residence

Though more extensively furnished, Ms. Moore’s living room exudes luxury with wooden floors and tall ceilings that harbor recessed lighting around the perimeter. Layered wall-to-wall windows extend from the floor to the ceiling. In the kitchen, white ceilings and walls contrast with simple but modern cherry cabinets and black stone countertops. The room also has a floor length, centrally located, peaked glass sky light. The expansive master bedroom features an arched ceiling, wood floors, floor to ceiling windows and glass doors opening onto a furnished wood deck. A stainless steel wood stove, bed, side table, chair and ottoman comprise the room’s modest furnishings.

Dr. Cullen’s House

Tall ceilings and open floor plan highlight the forested, split level home made popular in the “Twilight” movies. Light colored walls, layered windows and recessed lighting bring light into the space day and night. Once again, this home features a modest amount of furnishings that add a bit of red, green and blue contrast to the light to medium color of the wood floors, cabinetry and accents. Asymmetrical square lines from the exterior continue into the interior of the home.


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Jennie Reedy

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